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The World treaty ceremony that ends the genetic age and begins the Diamond age. Here you see the peace ceremony of 2085 after the third world war has just been fought.

The Genetic era is one of the eras in Call to Power II. It is the fourth era in the base game, coming after the Modern era and before the Diamond era.

Three different time spans are given for the Genetic era (or Genetic Age): 1957-2085 (from the discovery of DNA to the end of the last hostilities of World War 3), 1957-2093 (from the discovery of DNA to the signing of the treaty that created the Federation of Planet Earth), and 1957-2150 (from the discovery of DNA to the Union of the Earth-Moon system). It began in the year 1957 AD with the discovery of DNA during the Geo-Physical year 1957-1958 in which space satellites were also launched by American and Russian civilizations as well as Exploration of Antarctica and the Moon by robotic probes and runs until about 2150 AD when another World Treaty is eventually signed that enlarges the Federation of Earth to include orbital space plus the Moon and even beyond the Earth-Moon System. Technically from this point on no more wars were fought among the various nation-states of the Earthlings, but Earth Colonies continued to declare independence after the date of 2150, most notably the planet Mars. The remaining 215 years (2085-2300) are part of the Diamond era, and 2300 AD is the chronological end of the game.


The Genetic era began in 1957 after the Genetic technology was discovered. Specifically the concept of DNA became knowledge and after countries in Europe decided to begin a new civilization that became what is now the European Union. In the earliest times of the genetic era scientists focused most of their research on Space Flight technology and eventually other areas. Later scientists could use Genetic testing to find out an actual criminal in a long old case-file and clear an inmate's name. After this technology was discovered work was begun on the Human Genome Project. In the later part of the 21st century a World Peace conference was held after World War III ended. This event is sometimes considered the end of the Genetic era because then work was begun on the World Peace Center Wonder, which is a Wonder built in the Diamond Age.

Notable Technologies[]

Name Allows
Robotics Automated fisheries, Robotic plant
Nano-Assembly Nanite Factory, Sea engineer, Undersea Tunnels
Arcologies Arcologies
Fluid Breathing Scout sub
Advanced Composites Stealth Fighter, Stealth bomber
Space Flight Orbital Laboratory, Space Plane
AI surveillance Spy plane, security monitor
Digital encryption Data haven, E-bank
Chaos theory Hover Infantry
Fuel cells Eco-transit
Nuclear power Nuclear plant, Nuclear submarine, Nuke
Super conductor Field dynamics Laboratory, Maglevs
Neural Interface Cyber ninja, VR amusement park
Genetics Genome Project, Hydroponic domes, Morey Striker
Global Communications Anti-Ballistic missiles, Globesat
Technocracy Technocracy government
Custom Notes
String Theory Requires Quantum Physics leads to Chaos Theory
Adv.Tank Warfare Requires Adv.Infantry Tactics and Computer leads to Space flight. Gives Default tank and makes World War II era tanks obsolete.
Genetics Requires Modern Medicine Leads to Adv.Genetics gives Genome Project
Adv.Genetics Requires Genetics gives Hydroponic Domes and Morey Striker, Leads to Gene Therapy