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Geophysics (CivBE)

Secondary technology of Tier 1

Science 249 20xScienceBE
Requires Ecology
Leads to None


Buildings enabled None
Improvements enabled Geothermal Well
Satellites enabled None
Units enabled None

Allows Workers to build the Geothermal Well tile improvement. Reveals Geothermal on the map.

"We, the dust of a dying world, must listen to the stones of a living one."

- Kavitha Thakur, The Exodite Sutra


Investigation in the geophysics of this planet began even before planetfall by the colonists, for knowing the physics of their new home was critical for survival. Survey teams had started the lengthy process of cataloguing the planet’s shape, gravitational and magnetic fields, hydrologic dynamics and plate tectonics, volcanism, rock formation, internal composition, atmospheric conditions and weather, nutation, and its relationship with the rest of its star system; it was an effort that would be continued by colonial specialists for decades. Once orbital satellites were in place, the last mysteries of the geophysics of this world were understood. It remained only for colonial scientists to apply their findings to practical matters, an ongoing process of discovery and application.

Game InformationEdit

Geophysics is a Tier 1 Secondary Tech that can be researched from Ecology. It reveals Geothermal resources, and allows tapping them with the Geothermal well.

In Universe information Edit

Geophysics, or physics applied specifically to a planet's crust, was actually applied to this planet even before planetfal of the first colonists. It was, of course, critical for our survival to know the tectonic and volcanic activity of the planet, gravitational and magnetic fields, hydrologic dynamics, rock formation and a myriad other details.

But more in-deptth research was only possible after the first colonies were established and scientists were able to carve deep into the planet's crust to position tectonic scanners for prolonged periods of time. This finally revealed minute details about geological activity and previously unknown qualities of the lower levels of the crust, which in turn helped the discovery of one of the more interesting resources on the planet - Geothermal.

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