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Resource in Beyond Earth

Yields +2 Energy
Notes Used by many Buildings.

Game info[]

Geothermal is an essential resource of energy. Upgrade:


Geothermal tends to be more plentiful than the other strategic resources. It is used to build many wonders.

Geothermal is required for the following buildings:

  • Gaian Well (Only requires improved resource nearby, does not cost Geothermal.)

Geothermal is required for the following wonders:

Civilopedia entry

Having recently (in geological terms) undergone a period of extreme volcanism, this planet offers more geothermal resources than Earth did. The geothermal gradient is nearer to the crustal surface, and the core’s heat is augmented by the higher rate of radioactive decay of minerals found on this world. Given that the crust is thinnest around the deep, steep-walled crevasses that cut across the surface, geothermal activity tends to be most pronounced around those terrain features. Hot springs, geysers, magma conduits and other forms of hydrothermal circulation are common across the planet and have proved a boon to the colonization effort. As early as the 14th Century AD on Earth, a district geothermal heating system was in operation in Chaudes-Aigues (Franco-Iberia); the first industrial exploitation of geothermal energy occurred in 1827 in Larderello (Franco-Iberia) to produce boric acid from volcanic mud. In 1852 Lord Kelvin invented the heat pump, and 50 years later Piero Ginori Conti successfully tested the first geothermal power generator. With abundant geothermal energy available, Colonists on this planet have used modern versions of both inventions extensively, and colonial administrators have authorized massive construction projects to tap this natural resource. Currently some 12,150 megawatts of geothermal power is online planetwide generating in excess of 67,000 kilowatt hours, and that is expected to increase geometrically over the coming decades as industrial and population expansion continues.