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The German civilization (Germans) is a default civilization in Civilization II.


The Germans are a blue civilization. A game including the Germans will not also involve the French or Vikings.


Friedrich II and Maria Theresa (Civ2).png
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The default male leader of the Germans is Frederick. Frederick II (1194–1250) was a Hohenstaufen king of Sicily, Germany, Burgundy, Italy, and Jerusalem and emperor of the Romans. He was an effective ruler and patron of the arts, but his disagreements with the papacy eventually doomed his empire.

The default female leader is Maria Theresa (1717–1780), Habsburg empress of Austria. Her archrival was Frederick II, king of Prussia, who expanded his empire and influence at Austria's expense.

German leaders use the default titles except under fundamentalism and democracy. A German high priest or priestess, like a French or Spanish one, is known as an "archbishop". A German president is known as a "chancellor".


The German AI is aggressive but perfectionist and civilized.

City list[]

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The German list consists of the English forms of early modern settlements in Germany and Austria, including Prussian towns in what is now Poland and Russia.

  1. Berlin (default capital)
  2. Leipzig
  3. Hamburg
  4. Konigsberg
  5. Frankfurt
  6. Munich
  7. Heidelberg
  8. Nuremberg
  9. Cologne
  10. Hannover
  11. Bremen
  12. Stuttgart
  13. Bonn
  14. Salzburg
  15. Dortmund
  16. Brandenburg
  17. Dresden
  18. Nurnberg
  19. Mannheim
  20. Mainz
  21. Wiesbaden
  22. Dusseldorf
  23. Wuppertal
  24. Aachen
  25. Essen
  26. Kiel
  27. Basel
  28. Linz
  29. Bergen
  30. Vienna
  31. Stettin
  32. Danzig
  33. Magdeburg
  34. Lubeck
  35. Oldenburg
  36. Bremerhaven
  37. Erfurt
  38. Ingolstadt
  39. Augsburg
  40. Innsbruck
  41. Ulm
  42. Tubingen
  43. Freiburg
  44. Rostock
  45. Wilhelmshaven
  46. Potsdam
  47. Dessau
  48. Saarbrucken
  49. Munster
  50. Ravensburg
  51. Witenberg
  52. Cottbus
  53. Chemnitz
  54. Brunswick
  55. Kassel
  56. Koblenz
  57. Graz
  58. Karlsruhe

When this list is completed, the game continues with the names in the extra cities list. When that list is completed, the game cycles back to the top of this list with "Berlin" again.

Several names are missing their umlauts. "Witenberg" is a misspelling of "Wittenberg."


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In the World War II scenario, Germany is joined with Italy as the Axis, led by Hitler.

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