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 "Fetter this malefactor to the jagged rocks
In adamantine bonds infrangible."

– Aeschylus

Global Warming Mitigation is a Future Era civic in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.


Discovering Global Warming Mitigation unlocks the Carbon Recapture project and awards 3 Envoy Envoys and 1 Diplomatic Victory point. This is an amazing help for any diplomatic civilization: the Diplomatic Victory point is priceless, but Carbon Recapture will also allow you to win Climate Accords competitions (earning both Diplomatic Favor Diplomatic Favor and Diplomatic Victory points) even if you've been mercilessly exploiting the environment throughout the game.

Civilopedia entry[]

Climatological research from the present age compared to the geological record portend dire changes to the planet as the average global temperature rises, and specialists in these domains have been sounding the alarm for decades now. This has had relatively modest effects on policy to date, regrettably. Global Warming Mitigation is the idea that the worst effects of global climate change could be averted through technological means. Scrubbing carbon out of the atmosphere to reduce the rate of warming is an example of such a project. Reforestation and improved energy efficiency are others.

There are various impediments to implementing global warming mitigation on a broader scale, in part due to costs, and in part due to a lack of public awareness of the problem and clamor for solutions. The same specialists who have raised the alarm on the problem warn that by the time the public is clamoring for solutions, extensive damage will have already occurred.

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