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God of Craftsmen is a Pantheon in Civilization VI. It provides +1 Production Production to all Mine improvements built on strategic resources (i.e. Iron Iron, Niter Niter, Coal Coal, Aluminum Aluminum, and Uranium Uranium). In Gathering Storm, it provides +1 Production Production and +1 Faith Faith for all improved strategic resources.


In vanilla Civilization V and Rise and Fall, God of Craftsmen is generally not quite as useful as its Civilization V incarnation. Its greatest limitation is that you'll likely have to pick your pantheon long before you actually know where most minable strategic resources are located, and if you want to make optimal use of it, you may have to make difficult decisions about where to found new cities.

This pantheon is a good choice for Nubia, as it will double the Production Production bonus their civilization ability provides from Mines built on strategic resources. The Gauls will also make great use of this pantheon, as they are naturally drawn to strategic resources to boost their Oppida and place Mines. For all other civilizations, it's more situational, and it's most useful in the early eras regardless - late in the game, a +1 Production Production bonus from Aluminum and Uranium Mines isn't going to help much.

In Gathering Storm, God of Craftsmen also provides extra Faith Faith and extends its bonuses to Horse Pastures, Oil Wells, and Offshore Oil Rigs, making it more useful in the later eras and a more attractive pantheon overall.

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