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God of Craftsmen is a Pantheon in Civilization VI. It provides +1 Civ6Production Production to all Mine improvements built over Strategic resources (i.e. Iron (Civ6) Iron, Niter (Civ6) Niter, Coal (Civ6) Coal, Aluminum (Civ6) Aluminum, and Uranium (Civ6) Uranium). After the June 2019 Update, it also provides +1 Civ6Faith Faith when playing Rise and Fall.

Strategy Edit

Even under good conditions, this pantheon is generally not quite as useful as its Civilization V incarnation. There are limitations on its usefulness, the greatest being that you'll likely have to pick your pantheon long before you actually know where most minable strategic resources are located.

This pantheon is a good choice for Nubia, as it will double the Civ6Production Production bonus their civilization ability provides from Mines built on strategic resources. For all other civs, it's more situational, and it's most useful in the early eras regardless - late in the game, a +1 Civ6Production Production bonus from Aluminum and Uranium Mines isn't going to help much.

Religions and Pantheons in Civilization VI [edit]
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