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God of the Sea is a Pantheon in Civilization VI. It increases the Civ6Production Production of Fishing Boat improvements by 1.

Strategy Edit

God of the Sea is most useful for civilizations such as the Australians, Dutch, English, Indonesians, Norwegians, and Phoenicians, who will often have easy access to water-based resources thanks to unique features that encourage them to found and develop coastal cities. It's also one of the best pantheons for the Māori, whose Fishing Boats already provide extra Civ6Food Food and trigger Culture Bombs.

More indirectly, the Japanese can also make good use of this pantheon, thanks to Hojo Tokimune's leader ability giving military units defending coastal areas a Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength boost which should help ensure their water-based resources are less vulnerable to pillaging. (Not to mention that enemy naval and embarked units will have to worry about little things like Hurricanes!)

This Pantheon's main downside is that it may take more time (or Civ6Gold Gold) to get all the marine resources available to a city properly online than it usually does to get multiple land-based resources properly set up. On the other end, once you reach the Future Era, well-placed Seasteads will compliment it quite nicely, as they essentially generate 2 additional Civ6Production Production for each adjacent Fishing Boat.

Religions and Pantheons in Civilization VI [edit]
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1: Scenario only

GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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