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Goddess of Festivals is a Pantheon in Civilization VI. It increases the Food Food output of Plantations by 1 on tiles with Wine Wine, Incense Incense, Cocoa Cocoa, Tobacco Tobacco, Coffee Coffee, Tea Tea, or Olives Olives. In the June 2019 Update, it was altered to increase the Culture Culture output of all Plantations by 1 instead.


Goddess of Festivals increases the Food Food output of Plantations on a variety of luxury resources. It's generally not worth founding, since it's highly situational and there are many other ways to supply cities with more Food Food.

With the June 2019 Update, this pantheon becomes worth more serious consideration if you spawn near resources that can support Plantations. If you found it, be sure to research Irrigation early on so you can enjoy the extra Culture Culture from your Plantations.

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