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Goddess of the Harvest was a Pantheon in Civilization VI. When a player with the Goddess of the Harvest pantheon harvested a resource or removed a feature, they received Civ6Faith Faith equal to the other yield's quantity. This Pantheon was removed from the game in the June 2019 Update.

Strategy Edit

Goddess of the Harvest is useful for players who would rather clear terrain features and resources than improve them. The Japanese may have the best incentive to choose it, since it will provide them with Civ6Faith Faith in addition to the Civ6Food Food, Civ6Production Production, and/or Civ6Gold Gold they normally get. Once they've gotten the lump sum of yields, they can freely place districts on the empty tiles.

Some more aggressive players occasionally combine this pantheon with the Warrior Monks follower belief with interesting results; however, this is a highly situational combination!

The Māori should not choose this pantheon under any circumstances, as it will work at cross purposes with their civilization ability.

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