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For Gold (currency) (Civ2).png gold the currency, see Gold (currency) (Civ2).
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Gold is a commodity and resource type in Civilization II.


  • Food: 0 Food (Civ2).png
  • Shields: 1 Shield (Civ2).png
  • Trade: 6 Trade (Civ2).png

Increases the amount of Trade produced in Mountain Terrain from 0 to 6

Civilopedia entry[]

Gold has always been one of the most highly valued metals in the world. It is used in the manufacture of everything from jewelry to electronics, and has been established as the basis for monetary systems world wide. The factor that makes gold valuable is its rarity. Although gold can be found in many different areas, the most valuable deposits are large veins of gold ore running through mountains. When a large deposit is found, mining the deposit greatly boosts the economy in settlements and cities near the mine. An historical example of this phenomenon are the many towns that grew and prospered over a relatively short time during the California gold rush in America during the 1800's.


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As a commodity, gold can be found infrequently in any terrain; mountains, hills, rivers, and large city sizes increase its likelihood.

The value of a gold caravan or freight is tripled if it is in demand, but this is uncommon. A city will demand gold if the remainder of the sum of its map coordinates when divided by 3 is 2. Demand increases with city size, the development of chemistry, the erection of banks and cathedrals, and among the Spanish. Demand decreases with the development of economics and computers.

Gold cannot appear as a supplied or demanded wildcard until a civilization has discovered 32 technologies.


Main article: Resource (Civ2)

Gold gleams in Mountains terrain, representing a bonanza of precious metal ore. The value of these deposits produces tremendous trade goods. —Manual

Gold is a fish-class resource that adds six trade arrows to a mountain's production value. The visible gold resource does not make supplies of the gold or silver commodities more likely, except insofar as it counts as four mountain tiles rather than one.

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