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Gold (currency) (Civ2).pngGold primarily comes from tax rates, tax collectors in Civilization II.

Gold's primary purpose is to pay maintenance costs for improvements in a city. Surplus gold savings may be used to rush production of units and buildings, as gifts/tribute in diplomatic situations, bribing other nation's units to join you, or inciting revolts in the cities of rival civilizations.

Sources of Gold[]

  • Trade (Civ2).pngTrade through Tax rates
  • Tax Collectors produce a base of
  • Capitalization- all of a city's Shield (Civ2).pngProduction is converted into gold, one to one, if Capitalization is chosen in a city's production slot rather than a building, unit or wonder.
  • Selling improvements
  • Tribute from other civilizations
  • Capturing Barbarian leaders
  • Trade routes provide the user gold every time a new route is established. The increase in Trade (Civ2).png trade arrows that a trade route creates also provides a tax boost.

The production of Gold is further increased with the improvements Marketplaces, Banks, and Stock Exchanges along with various wonders.

Civilopedia entry[]

The Taxes collected by a city are indicated by gold coin icons in the Resource Chart of the City Display. Taxes are used primarily to pay the maintenance cost of City Improvements each turn. Any tax revenues not used for maintenance of Improvements are added to your treasury. The amount of Taxes generated by the city is primarily determined by the amount of incoming Trade you have allocated to Taxes. This can be adjusted by selecting the "Change Tax Rate" option from the Kingdom menu.

Tax revenues can also be increased through the construction of certain City Improvements and Wonders of the World, or by converting citizens into Tax Men.

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