For the bonus resource, see Gold (Civ3).
Treasury (Civ3)

Gold is one of the three primary outputs of Commercial Revenue. In this situation, taxed commercial revenue is directly translated into liquid wealth that is required to maintain buildings or military units.

Each turn, the net income from each of your cities is combined, costs are deducted, and the remainder is placed into your treasury. If costs exceed revenue then gold will have to be drawn out of the treasury to cover costs. Balancing your need to spend with your need to build a substantial store of liquid wealth is an interesting challenge.


You use Gold (Civ3) Gold from the treasury to pay:

  • Maintenance costs for city improvements.
  • Support for military units in excess of those allowed by your Government types.
  • Payments you may be making to rival civilizations as part of a diplomatic agreement.
  • To build Embassies and conduct diplomatic and espionage missions.
  • To hurry production of city build projects and units.

Deficit Spending Edit

In the event of costs exceeding income, any deficit is subtracted from your treasury to make up the difference. Once the treasury is depleted of gold reserves, the difference is taken out of your research to make up for this. In addition, buildings may be sold off and units disbanded randomly.

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