For the resource, see Gold (CivRev).

Gold is the currency of civilization. It is an indicator of economic strength and is used to rush units, buy technology from other civilizations, make treaties, and cause leaders to attack one another. Gold is also associated with trade.

Accumulating a total of 20,000 or more gold is the primary prerequisite to an economic victory, in addition to building the World Bank wonder.

As a resource, gold can be obtained from trade squares, gold deposits, and gem deposits. Certain buildings can also increase gold production, including Markets, Banks, and Trading Posts. Additionally, some wonders can contribute to the accumulation of gold. For example, the Trade Fair of Troyes wonder, when built, increases gold production in the city of origin by 100%.

There are several techs that can be researched to improve gold acquisition, such as Currency, Banking, and Networking.

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