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Melee Unit in Beyond Earth
Required 5 Supremacy Supremacy
5 Purity Purity
2 Firaxite Firaxite
2 Floatstone Floatstone
Bioengineering Bioengineering
Moves Moves (CivBE).png 2
Base Unit Strength Strength 56

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Game info[]

  • Ultimate melee unit. Unlocked at Bioengineering.

The Golem is a Purity-Supremacy Purity - Supremacy ultimate hybrid unit that has superb combat strength and defense for its relatively low production cost. When upgraded, it has the second highest melee combat strength in the game, surpassed only by the Xeno Titan. While it excels in close quarters combat, it has one falling weakness - it only has 2Moves (CivBE).pngMovement and has no conventional way of increasing this. Thus the Golem, while powerful, is slow and struggles to keep up with the rest of your army which is typically more mobile, especially as Purity. When fortified, the Golem blocks incoming ranged attacks from the front, allowing you to plant a lethal wall of angry drones in the way of approaching armies.

Unit Upgrades[]

Tier 1[]

Early game Golems are not as spectacular as one might think in terms of military prowess—they cost a plethora of Production and resources and, while their Strength is high, it is only 16 more than an Autosled and is available much later due to its technology requirements. It is also less mobile. Golems are usually better to pull out during early game rushes to prevent enemies from attacking cities—a 56 Strength unit is usually unkillable, especially in tandem with a Drone Cage.

The Golem while fortified (left) and its upgrade pose (right)

Subject Tier 1 (Golem)
Tech Prerequisites Bioengineering
Affinity Prerequisites 5 Purity Purity

5 Supremacy Supremacy

Resource Cost 2 Firaxite Firaxite, 2 Floatstone Floatstone
Production Cost 410 Production Production
Combat Strength 56 Strength Strength
Movement 2Moves (CivBE).png

Tier 2[]

Tier 2 Golems are much more powerful than their Tier 1 cousins due to incredible Strength bonuses and perk choices. Their Strength is now 106, which is higher than most other units in the game, allowing it to be very versatile on a relatively flat battlefield as it is not situational when it comes to Strength bonuses. Its generic bonus encourages stationary defense, although Golems are often useful on the offense as a blocker for ranged units. Its Purity perk, splash damage, can be very effective against infantry-based armies, especially CNDRs and CARVRs as the splash damage pierces their Strength.


Tier 2 (True Golem)

Tier 2 (Master Golem)

Tier 2 (Prime Golem)
Tech Prerequisites Bioengineering Bioengineering Bioengineering
Affinity Prerequisites 14 Purity Purity

Supremacy Supremacy

10 Purity Purity

10 Supremacy Supremacy

Purity Purity

14 Supremacy Supremacy

Resource Cost Firaxite Firaxite, 2 Floatstone Floatstone Firaxite Firaxite, 2 Floatstone Floatstone Firaxite Firaxite, 2 Floatstone Floatstone
Production Cost 540 Production Production 540 Production Production 540 Production Production
Combat Strength 106 Strength Strength 106 Strength Strength 106 Strength Strength
Movement 2Moves (CivBE).png 2Moves (CivBE).png 2Moves (CivBE).png
Perk Choice A +10% Strength Strength per unused Moves (CivBE).png +10% Strength Strength per unused Moves (CivBE).png +10% Strength Strength per unused Moves (CivBE).png
Perk Choice B +15HP splash damage to enemies adjacent to target +50% Strength Strength when attacking cities +30% Strength Strength when defending

Civilopedia entry

As the ultimate Supremacy-Purity unit, the Golem is the result of highly advanced robotic technologies and sophisticated human-machine integration. The Golem is a close-combat defensive machine, created for the purpose of shielding and guarding weaker forces in assaults and sieges.

As the battlefields of the colonized planet became more advanced and more dangerous, the need for reliable, mobile defense for delicate but essential troops became vital to success. An asset was called for that could be built with the strength of a tank or a fortress, but be able to move and respond with the agility of human. The Golem, as it came to be called, was a remote-operated, fully-mobile shield robot. Its dense, carbon-based polymer, although not lightweight, is incredibly durable. This, in combination with its size and bipedal design, makes the Golem a life-saving defensive unit for the human soldiers that stand in its shadow.