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Gossip (Civ6).png Gossip is a mechanic introduced in Civilization VI. Unlike prior games, which provided automatic feedback on important happenings in other civilizations, now this intel must be acquired through gossip.

Gossip is closely correlated with Visibility Diplomatic Visibility, and is a good way to learn about other leaders' agendas, military plans, and landmark achievements.

Civilopedia entry[edit | edit source]

Diplomatic Visibility allows you to receive Gossip, information about another player's actions. You gain more detailed Gossip based on your level of visibility, of which there are 5 levels: None, Limited, Open, Secret, and Top Secret. For example, when you have just met a civilization, you will receive information about their declarations of war, denouncements, friendships, alliances, and when they do something like found a Pantheon or complete a wonder. If you gain Limited Diplomatic Visibility, you will find out some information about their opinion of you and what government they have. At the Open level, you will have access to that civilization's diplomatic agendas, their relationships with other civilizations, and know when they have launched an inquisition.

You must accumulate Diplomatic Visibility levels individually for each civilization. You will receive a combat bonus for having a higher level of visibility on your opponent than they have back on you. Levels may be gained by accumulating various sources of Gossip, including:

  • Traders. Establish a Trade Routes Trade Route to a civilization to increase visibility by one level.
  • Send a Delegation. Send a Delegation to a civilization to increase visibility by one level. Once Embassies are available, establishing an Embassy will replace this.
  • Send a Spy on a Listening Post Mission. Performing the Listening Post mission in another civilization's city increases visibility by one level.
  • Forming an Alliance. Alternatively to spying, you can form an alliance with a friendly civilization. These two actions do not add separate Diplomatic Visibility levels - it does no good to spy on your allies!
  • Research the Printing Press technology. This will increase your visibility with ALL civilizations by one level.
  • Play as Catherine de Medici. She gives France one level of access above normal at all times with civilizations she has met.
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