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Granary (Civ2).png An Granary is a building in Civilization II that effectively doubles the rate of a city's growth by causing only half of a city's Food (Civ2).pngfood store to be depleted when the city grows.

Building the Pyramids will provide a Granary in all of your cities. Players may sell their granaries if they own this wonder.


Granaries will help grow cities quickly. This isn't necessarily a good thing at the beginning of the game at harder difficulties, because of the discontent these larger cities will have.

Civilopedia entry[]

Early humans were nomadic, settling in specific regions only for brief periods of time. When the food supply was exhausted in one area, the nomads would move on to search for more. Cities became possible only when the development of agriculture made the supply of food more abundant and dependable. However, cities still needed a way to keep the food supply stable throughout all four seasons. To do so, the citizens had to come up with a way to store seasonal crops for later use. The Granary was designed for the storage and protection of surplus food. Food storage technology meant that a smaller percentage of the population could produce and store enough food for everyone, allowing the remainder to pursue other jobs and activities.

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