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Grassland is a base terrain in Civilization VI. It is found in temperate and tropical sections of the world.

  • Base yield: +2 Food Food;
  • Can build Farms on flat land (and also on hills after researching Civil Engineering);
  • GS-Only.png May cause the formation of tornadoes, which may devastate improvements and districts and kill units and Citizen Population of nearby cities.


Grassland, along with Plains is one of the two most widespread terrains in the game, and with a +2 Food Food base yield is the most fertile base terrain. It may be considered the most settler-friendly terrain, because it all but ensures a rapid Citizen Population growth regardless of other nearby features. It is found in large sections of the world, particularly close to the middle of the map. Additional terrain features, such as Woods and Marsh are abundant on it, as well as many Luxury Resources.

Grassland ensures strong population growth for cities - especially with farmland developed - but does not provide Production Production by itself without Hills, Woods, or certain Resources. A city with an abundance of Grassland Hills will still have better growth than flat Plains, but more restricted options for farming.

Civilopedia entry[]

Grasslands, blessed with rich and fertile soils, have been the heart of many civilizations, providing the food and open frontiers so necessary for expansion. Unfortunately, every barbarian also realizes this, and so grasslands have been fertilized with blood over the centuries.


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