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The Great Artist is a type of Great Person Great Person in Civilization VI dedicated to the creation of Landscape Great Works of Art. Each Great Artist may be activated up to three times on a tile containing an empty slot which accepts Great Works of Art (such as a Theater Square district with an Art Museum, a Palace, or the Hermitage), creating up to three Great Works of Art.

Earning Great Artists[]

Great Artists may be claimed by any player who has earned enough Great Artist Great Artist points. Theater Squares and Acropoli generate +1 Great Artist Great Artist point per turn, +2 more if the city has built the Oracle, and Art Museums and Archaeological Museums provide an additional +2 Great Artist Great Artist points. Broadcast Centers and Film Studios generate a further +1 Great Artist Great Artist point (for a total of 4 points in that district). The Russian Lavra also provides +1 Great Artist Great Artist point if there is a Temple in it. More Great Artist Great Artist points may be earned by completing the Theater Square Performances project in a city with a Theater Square. Players who do not have enough points may patronize an Artist by paying the difference using Faith Faith or Gold Gold.

The Hermitage provides +3 Great Artist Great Artist points every turn, and can house a total of 4 Landscape Great Works of Art of any type.

Great Artist badge (Civ6).png

Players can also increase their Great Artist Great Artist point yields by using the Frescoes policy card, which generates +2 Great Artist Great Artist points per turn. In Gathering Storm, it generates 2 additional Great Artist Great Artist points per turn for every Art Museum owned.

The Stockholm Suzerain bonus (or Bologna in Gathering Storm) increases the number of Great Artist Great Artist points generated from each Theater Square district by +1. (Note that in Rise and Fall, this bonus is only active if the Theater Square has a completed Amphitheater building.)

All Great Artist Great Artist point yields are doubled if Pingala with the Grants title is present in the city. Additionally, the Kongolese generate 50% more Great Artist Great Artist points from all sources.

The Cathedral provides a slot for religious art. Starting in the Modern Era, Great Artists will no longer produce religious artwork.

Great Artists[]

Name Era Great Works of Art
Andrei Rublev Renaissance Annunciation (ReligiousArt6.png Religious), Saviour in Glory (ReligiousArt6.png Religious), Ascension (ReligiousArt6.png Religious)
Michelangelo Renaissance Sistine Chapel Ceiling (ReligiousArt6.png Religious Art), Pietà (Sculpture Sculpture), David (Sculpture Sculpture)
Donatello Renaissance Saint Mark (Sculpture Sculpture), Equestrian Statue of Gattamelata (Sculpture Sculpture), Judith Slaying Holofernes (Sculpture Sculpture)
Hieronymus Bosch Renaissance The Garden of Earthly Delights (ReligiousArt6.png Religious), The Last Judgement (ReligiousArt6.png Religious), The Haywain Triptych (ReligiousArt6.png Religious)
Kamāl ud-Dīn Behzād[1] Renaissance Battleground of Timur and Egyptian King (Landscape Landscape), Yusef and Zuleykha (Landscape Landscape), Timur Granting Audience on the Occasion of His Accession (Portrait Portrait).
Rembrandt van Rijn Industrial Andries de Graeff (Portrait Portrait), Agatha Bas (Portrait Portrait), Abraham and Isaac (ReligiousArt6.png Religious).
El Greco Industrial Adoration of the Magi (ReligiousArt6.png Religious), The Assumption of the Virgin (ReligiousArt6.png Religious), View of Toledo (Landscape Landscape)
Qiu Ying Industrial Spring Morning in the Han Palace (Landscape Landscape), Fishermen in Reclusion Among the Lotus Stream (Landscape Landscape), Red Cliff (Landscape Landscape)
Titian Industrial Assunta (ReligiousArt6.png Religious), Salome with the Head of John the Baptist (ReligiousArt6.png Religious), Equestrian Portrait of Charles V (Portrait Portrait)
Hasegawa Tōhaku[1] Industrial Pine Trees (Landscape Landscape), Maple Tree (Landscape Landscape), Birds and Flowers (Landscape Landscape).
Jang Seung-eop Modern Samin munnyeondo (Landscape Landscape), Rooster (Landscape Landscape), Ssangma immuldo (Landscape Landscape)
Sofonisba Anguissola Modern Three Sisters Playing Chess (Portrait Portrait), Phillip II of Spain (Portrait Portrait), A Monk (Portrait Portrait)
Angelica Kauffman Modern Anna Maria Jenkins and Thomas Jenkins (Portrait Portrait), Portrait of Johann Joachim Winckelmann (Portrait Portrait), Sarah Harrop as a Muse (Portrait Portrait)
Katsushika Hokusai Modern The Great Wave Off Kanagawa (Landscape Landscape), Lake Suwa in Shinano Province (Landscape Landscape), Fine Wind, Clear Morning (Landscape Landscape).
Edmonia Lewis Atomic The Death of Cleopatra (Sculpture Sculpture), Marriage of Hiawatha and Minnehaha (Sculpture Sculpture), Hagar (Sculpture Sculpture)
Claude Monet Atomic Water Lillies (Landscape Landscape), Impression, Sunrise (Landscape Landscape), Haystack at Giverny (Landscape Landscape)
Marie-Anne Collot Atomic Portrait of Pierre-Étienne Falconet (Sculpture Sculpture), Portrait of Catherine II (Sculpture Sculpture), Portrait of Marie Cathcart (Sculpture Sculpture)
Vincent van Gogh Atomic Starry Night (Landscape Landscape), Café Terrace at Night (Landscape Landscape), The Night Café (Landscape Landscape)
Amrita Sher-Gil Information Three Girls (Portrait Portrait), Bride's Toilet (Portrait Portrait), Self Portrait (Portrait Portrait)
Boris Orlovsky Information Mikhail Kutuzov (Sculpture Sculpture), Alexander Column (Sculpture Sculpture), Bust of Tsar Alexander (Sculpture Sculpture)
Gustav Klimt Information The Kiss (Portrait Portrait), Avenue in the Park of Schloss Kammer (Landscape Landscape), Farm Garden with Sunflowers (Landscape Landscape)
Mary Cassatt Information Lydia Leaning on Her Arms (Portrait Portrait), The Child's Bath (Portrait Portrait), The Cup of Tea (Portrait Portrait)
Wassily Kandinsky[1] Information Composition 8 (Landscape Landscape), Blue Rider (Portrait Portrait), Red Square (Landscape Landscape).
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Available with the Babylon Pack DLC. Great Works created by this Great Artist yield 2 additional Tourism Tourism.

Scenario-specific Great Artists[]

Jadwiga's Legacy[]


Among the three classes of "cultural" Great Person Great People, Great Artist Great Artists are undoubtedly the most important one when pursuing a Cultural Victory. A Great Work of Art provides more Tourism Tourism than a Great Work of Writing, and a Great Artist Great Artist can create more Great Works than a Great Writer Great Writer. Also, Great Artist Great Artists arrive much earlier to have an impact than Great Musician Great Musicians. However, their Great Works have to be micromanaged carefully for optimal effect. Only Art Museums and the Hermitage have slots specifically for Great Works of Art, and the former will yield their maximum Culture Culture and Tourism Tourism bonuses only if they are properly themed (i.e. have all three slots filled with Sculpture Sculpture, Portrait Portrait, Landscape Landscape or ReligiousArt6.png Religious art from different Artists), so you'll need at least three Great Artists to earn the theming bonus from each Art Museum. If you plan to rely on them heavily, be sure to include the Frescoes Policy Card in your government, exchange Great Works of Art with other civilizations that are focusing on cultural development, and save up Faith Faith and/or Gold Gold to patronize the Artists you need the most.

An in-depth guide to maximizing the Tourism Tourism yields from Great Works of Art can be found here.

Civilopedia entry[]

Artists are the visionaries of civilization. They daub paint on canvas or chip away at stone, and leave it to others to find vision and meaning therein. They interpret the world and give beauty, brilliance, form, and color to the mundane; these are those who paint the pictures, carve the statues, take the photos, and make the films that define and reinforce our humanity. Sometimes they are appreciated in their lifetime; usually, not. Sometimes they make a living with their art; usually, not. However, the work of these artists can, occasionally, surpass its time and place, enlightening and elevating a people, making a civilization far greater than its material wealth and worldly power.

Civilization VI Great People [edit]
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1 Requires a DLC

R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.