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The Great Engineer is a type of Great Person Great Person in Civilization VI dedicated to the advancement of production and industry. Each Great Engineer has a unique ability which may be activated at least once, granting its owner a potentially game-changing bonus. The possible activation locations vary according to the particular ability, but usually include a tile with a particular District District related to the ability (such as an Industrial Zone, Spaceport, etc.).

Earning Great Engineers[]

Great Engineers may be claimed by any player who has earned enough Great Engineer Great Engineer points. Industrial Zones and their replacements generate +1 Great Engineer Great Engineer point per turn, +2 more if the city has built the Oracle, and provide an additional point for each building completed in that district. (For example, an Industrial Zone with a Workshop, Factory, and Power Plant would generate +4 Great Engineer Great Engineer points per turn.) In Secret Societies mode, the Alchemical Society, the University replacement of the Hermetic Order, also adds +1 Great Engineer Great Engineer point. Further points may also be earned by completing the Industrial Zone Logistics project in a city with an Industrial Zone. Players who do not have enough points may patronize an Engineer by paying the difference using Faith Faith or Gold Gold.

The Venetian Arsenal wonder also provides +2 Great Engineer Great Engineer points per turn. Meanwhile, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus gifts an additional charge for all Great Engineers whose charges have not yet been fully depleted as well as all newly recruited ones.

Great Engineer badge (Civ6).png

Players can also increase their Great Engineer Great Engineer point yields by using the Invention policy card, which generates +2 Great Engineer Great Engineer points per turn. In Gathering Storm it instead grants +4 Great Engineer Great Engineer points per turn, and +2 more for every Workshop owned. The Science Foundations policy card also offers additional Great Engineer Great Engineer points: +2 per turn for every Factory owned, and +2 more per turn for every Power Plant owned.

The Stockholm Suzerain bonus (or Bologna in Gathering Storm) increases the number of Great Engineer Great Engineer points generated from each Industrial Zone district by +1. (Note that in Rise and Fall, this bonus is only active if the Industrial Zone has a completed Workshop building.)

All Great Engineer Great Engineer point yields are doubled if Pingala with the Grants promotion is present in the city.

Great Engineers[]

Name Era Bonus
Imhotep[1] Medieval Grants 175 Production Production toward wonder construction, doubled if the wonder is from the Ancient or Classical era. (2 charges)
Bi Sheng Medieval Lets this city build one more district than the population limit allows. Triggers the Eureka Eureka for Printing technology.
Isidore of Miletus Medieval Grants 215 Production Production towards wonder construction at standard speed. (2 charges)
James of St. George Medieval Instantly builds Ancient and Medieval Walls in this city, and provides enough Gold Gold per turn to pay maintenance. (3 charges)
Filippo Brunelleschi Renaissance Grants 315 Production Production towards wonder construction at standard speed. (2 charges)
Leonardo da Vinci Renaissance Triggers the Eureka Eureka for one random technology of the Modern era. Workshops provide +3 Culture Culture.
Mimar Sinan Renaissance +1 Housing Housing for this city, +1 Amenity Amenity for this city.

R&F-Only.png Culture Bomb adjacent tiles when completing an Industrial Zone in any city.

Ada Lovelace Industrial Lets this city build one more district than the population limit allows. Triggers the Eureka Eureka for the Computers technology.
Gustave Eiffel Industrial Grants 480 Production Production towards wonder construction at standard speed. (2 charges)
James Watt Industrial Instantly builds a Workshop and a Factory in this district. Factories provide +2 Production Production to their city.
Shah Jahān[1] Modern Grants Production Production towards wonder construction, capped at half your current treasury, then reduces your Gold Gold twice the amount of purchased Production Production.
Alvar Aalto Modern This city provides +1 Appeal to any tile it owns.
Nikola Tesla Modern This district's regional buildings provide +2 Production Production and reach 3 tiles farther.
Robert Goddard Modern Triggers the Eureka Eureka for Rocketry. +20% Production Production towards Space Race projects.
Jane Drew Atomic Gain +4 Housing Housing and +3 Amenities Amenities in this city.
John Roebling Atomic Gain +2 Housing Housing and +1 Amenities Amenities in a city. (2 charges)
Sergei Korolev Atomic Grants 1500 Production Production towards a Space Race project.
Joseph Paxton Information This Entertainment Complex's regional buildings provide +1 Amenity Amenity. This district's regional buildings reach 3 tiles farther.
Charles Correa Information This city provides +2 Appeal to any tile it owns.
Wernher von Braun Information +100% Production Production towards Space Race projects.
Kenzo Tange[1] Information Grants Tourism Tourism in each of this city's districts equal to its adjacency bonus (halved for Gold Gold).
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Available with the Babylon Pack DLC.

R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

Scenario-specific Great Engineers[]

Jadwiga's Legacy[]


Like (almost) all Great People in Civilization VI, the Great Engineer's special abilities differ wildly between different personae. However, we can say that they are almost always Production Production-oriented, or enhance the performance of a specific District District in some other way. There are some Engineers who instantly build buildings in a district, and others who speed up the construction of Wonders. End-game Engineers help finish Space Race Projects much quicker, which may greatly help a player to achieve a Science Victory!

Players with a strong productive force may also benefit from completing the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus wonder, which allows all Engineers owned by the player to activate their abilities an additional time.

Civilopedia entry[]

Engineers design and build workshops, schools, and homes; “great” engineers design and build wonders. Before the day of pre-fab buildings, uniform ticky-tack housing “estates,” stressed concrete and I-beam girders, these were the men (and women) who celebrated civilization in towering monuments, grand palaces, massive temples, vital dams and bridges, and structures of every kind. It’s their work that archaeologists dig up, tourists gawk at, and children learn about in school. Give thanks too for the indoor plumbing, electrical lights, and autobahns (along with everything else that makes life comfortable) that they designed and built. Without the great engineers dreaming in stone and steel, constructing skyscrapers, giving the world sports stadiums and shopping malls, how else would anyone even know civilization when they stumbled out of the wilderness?

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1 Requires a DLC

R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.