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"Distrust and caution are the parents of security."
–Benjamin Franklin
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Game InfoEdit

  • 99.9% reduction in enemy spy effectiveness in this city
  • 25% reduction in enemy spy effectiveness for all other cities
  • BNW-only Negates the 20xTourism5 Tourism bonus from other players' Internet technology.


The Great Firewall is a Wonder for anti-spy fanatics who detest having technologies stolen. It will practically stop all enemy spies acting on your soil in their tracks. As an added (and much more useful) bonus, the Great Firewall negates the Internet technology of enemies, making your nation far less susceptible to the end-game cultural push.

The Great Firewall is also worth having if you yourself are going for a culture victory - not for the advantages it provides, but because it prevents anyone else from having them.

Civilopedia entryEdit

The Great Firewall is a restrictive internet monitoring and censorship program used to control the flow of information available to a civilization's people through the internet. By limiting the public's access to potentially volatile information available online, government agencies can limit potential backlash and other dissension regarding unpopular policies and government programs.


  • Although it has a powerful non-espionage-related effect (negating other players' 20xTourism5 Tourism bonuses from The Internet), the Great Firewall is not buildable in games where spying is disabled.
  • It is not necessary to research The Internet before building this wonder since computer hacking appeared before the Internet.


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