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The Great General is a type of Great Person Great Person in Civilization VI dedicated to land warfare. Like all civilian units, Great Generals cannot directly engage with enemy units, but they do provide +5 Strength Combat Strength and +1 Movement Movement to land units within 2 tiles (provided they belong to the Great General's owner and either the General's era or the following one).

Each Great General also has a unique ability which may be activated at least once, granting its owner a potentially game-changing bonus. The ability usually has to be activated in a tile containing a land combat unit, or in the open world on any land tile.

Earning Great Generals[]

Great Generals may be claimed by any player who has earned enough Great General Great General points. Encampments generate +1 Great General Great General point per turn (except for Thành), +2 more if the city has built the Oracle, and provide an additional point for each building completed in that district. (For example, an Encampment with a Barracks, Armory, and Military Academy would generate +4 Great General Great General points per turn.) Further points may also be earned by completing the Encampment Training project in a city with an Encampment. Players who do not have enough points may patronize a General by paying the difference using Faith Faith or Gold Gold.

Alhambra provides +1 Great General Great General point per turn, and the Terracotta Army provides +2 Great General points.

Players can also increase their Great General Great General point yields by using the Strategos policy card, which generates +2 Great General Great General points per turn. Once the player discovers the Scorched Earth civic, the Strategos card is replaced with the Military Organization policy card, which generates +4 Great General Great General points per turn. In Gathering Storm this policy card instead generates +2 Great General Great General points for every Armory owned and +4 for every Military Academy owned.

The Hetairoi and Garde Impériale both gain +5 Great General Great General points for every enemy killed.

Great General badge (Civ6).png

The Stockholm Suzerain bonus (or Bologna in Gathering Storm) increases the number of Great General Great General points generated from each Encampment district by +1. (Note that in Rise and Fall, this bonus is only active if the Encampment has a completed Barracks or Stable.)

All Great General Great General point yields are doubled if Pingala with the Grants title is present in the city.

Great Generals[]

Name Era Bonus Ability
Boudica Classical Convert adjacent barbarian units.
Hannibal Barca Classical Grants 1 promotion level to a military land unit.
Sun Tzu Classical Creates The Art of War Great Work of Writing.
Trưng Trắc[1] Classical Permanently reduces War Weariness by 25%.
Æthelflæd Medieval Instantly creates a Knight unit.

R&F-Only.png Grants +2 Loyalty per turn for this city.

El Cid Medieval Forms a Corps out of a military land unit.
Genghis Khan Medieval Grants 1 promotion level to a military land unit. +25% combat experience bonus for mounted units.
Timur R&F-Only.png Medieval Grants 1 promotion level and +25% combat experience to a military land unit.
Ana Nzinga Renaissance Gain a free Envoy Envoy.
Gustavus Adolphus Renaissance Instantly creates a Bombard unit with one promotion level.
Jeanne d'Arc Renaissance Creates a Relic Relic.
Dandara[1] Industrial Grants a Warrior Monk with one promotion level. (2 charges)
José de San Martín Industrial Grants +4 Loyalty per turn for this city.
Napoleon Bonaparte Industrial Forms an Army out of a military land unit.
Rani Lakshmibai Industrial Instantly creates a Cavalry unit with one promotion level.
Simón Bolívar Industrial Gain 2 free Envoy Envoys.

R&F-Only.png Grants +4 Loyalty per turn for this city.

Tupac Amaru[1] Modern Grants a Musketman in each of the target city's indefensible and undefended districts.
John Monash Modern Grants 1 promotion level and +75% combat experience to a military unit.
Marina Raskova Modern Gain +1 Air unit slot in this district.
Samori Touré Modern Instantly creates an Infantry unit with one promotion level.

R&F-Only.png Instantly creates a Spec Ops unit with one promotion level.

Douglas MacArthur Atomic Instantly creates a Tank unit with one promotion level.
Dwight Eisenhower Atomic +5% Production Production towards military units.
Georgy Zhukov Atomic +50% Flanking bonus for all land military units.
Sudirman Atomic Grants 1 promotion level and +100% combat experience to a military unit.

R&F-Only.png Grants +6 Loyalty per turn for this city.

Ahmad Shah Massoud Information Instantly creates a Modern AT unit with one promotion level.
Vijaya Wimalaratne Information Grants 1 promotion level and +100% combat experience to a military land unit.
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Available with the Babylon Pack DLC.

R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

Scenario-specific Great Generals[]

Conquests of Alexander[]

Jadwiga's Legacy[]

Vikings, Traders, and Raiders![]

War Machine[]


Unsurprisingly, most Great Generals' abilities have direct military applications: some create units; some allow units to acquire XP more easily; some grant free Promotion Promotions; some form a single unit into a Corps or Army; and some provide permanent bonuses to the abilities, production, or storage capacity of military units. They also provide Strength Combat Strength and Movement Movement bonuses to nearby land units, allowing you to strike at your enemies harder and faster. This bonus can only be granted to Classical or later units: Warriors, Scouts, Slingers, Archers, Spearmen, Heavy Chariots, and Ancient Era unique land units can never gain anything from any Great General's passive ability. This bonus applies to Nihangs and Vampires regardless of the Great General's era. On the other hand, Warrior Monks are unaffected.

However, since warfare is constantly changing with the development of new weapons and technology, a Great General's military knowledge eventually becomes antiquated, and the General ceases to provide Strength Combat Strength and Movement Movement bonuses to units that are two eras more advanced than they are. When it comes time to upgrade your army, be sure to retire any Great Generals whose bonuses have become obsolete.

Note that, either by design or omission, the Great General's Movement Movement bonus also allows siege units to fire in the same turn as they move (without the Expert Crew promotion). That means that a siege unit (e.g. a Catapult) which starts its turn benefiting from a Great General's MP bonus may move and, if in range of the enemy target, fire in the same turn - something normally impossible without Expert Crew. Use this to decimate a city's defenses in a single coordinated attack, so that it cannot shoot back and damage your siege units (or any other units) on the next turn!

Civilopedia entry[]

Every age of civilization has had its “great” generals, those who change the course of history by being cleverer, braver, or simply luckier than their peers across the battlefield. These are the men who can convince other men to follow them into hell … and perhaps out the other side. They are innovators in the ways of death, inventing new weapons, formations, tactics and strategies to win wars. Or finding new benefits in the old ways of killing. Every person reading this can name dozens of great generals, for their names echo down to us in legends, histories and monuments. Some are leaders of their people, warrior-kings and president-generals; if not already the head of the government while becoming “great,” they are often awarded (or cursed with) that mantle afterward. And then they write their memoirs, provided they survive their wars.

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1 Requires a DLC

R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.