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Game Info[edit | edit source]

A Great Person, specialized in trade.

  • Actions:
    • Construct a Customs House (Great tile improvement)
    • Conduct Trade Mission (When in a city-state, can produce a large amount of Gold Gold and 30?Influence (Civ5).png Influence.)

The unit is expended after performing either of these actions.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Besides constructing the special Customs House improvement which, when worked, produces loads of Gold Gold, the Great Merchant can also journey to a city-state and perform a "Trade Mission," which produces gobs of Gold Gold and gains 30? points of Influence (Civ5).png Influence with the city-state. The Great Merchant is expended when used in either of these ways.

In order to use Trade Mission, you need to enter the target City-State's territory with the Merchant.

Again, you have the choice to use it for a long-term boost of the Gold Gold production in one city (which you should choose carefully), or use its unique ability to get a large one-time boost of Gold Gold and Influence (Civ5).png Influence with a city-state. Note that the trade mission may sometimes prove dangerous, especially if the city-state is far away!

Formula[edit | edit source]

The money gained from performing a Trade Mission is calculated with the formula

350 + (50 * era_number)

where era_number is a simple serial number starting with 0 for the Ancient Era. In addition, game pacing also affects this number; Quick games modify this value by 0.67, Epic by 1.5, and Marathon by 3.

With Brave New World the formula changes to

300 + (100 * era_number)

In vanilla Civilization V and Gods & Kings, completing the Commerce policy tree doubles the Gold Gold income from Trade Missions. With Brave New World, simply adopting the Entrepreneurship policy from the Commerce tree suffices.

Civilopedia entry[edit | edit source]

"Great Merchants" provide the goods and services civilizations need to survive. They import food, medicines, and luxuries, and they export a civilization's manufactured goods. They provide the financing needed for great works to be accomplished. They create a civilization's wealth.

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