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Game Info[]

A Great Person in the Brave New World expansion, specialized in music.

  • Actions:
    • Create Great Work of Music
    • Perform Concert Tour (One-time generation of a large amount of Tourism Tourism)

The unit is expended after performing either of these actions.


The Great Musician is one of the new types of Artists in the Brave New World expansion. The main method of producing him is building a Musicians' Guild and assigning Specialists to work there. This earns GreatPeople5 Great Person Points. These Great Person Points eventually create a Great Musician, the pool empties and the pool size increases, meaning that more points are needed to earn each successive Great Musician.

As with other Great Artists, Musicians can produce a Great Work, which may then be placed within your buildings for a permanent bonus to Tourism Tourism and Culture Culture. Their other ability, "Concert Tour," may be used in another civilization's lands for a one-time boost to your cultural influence with them (a part of which is also shared between all other civilizations). Use this to take over your pesky cultural rivals who withstand the power of your culture!

Note that a Great Musician, unlike a Great Prophet, can only enter the territory of civilizations with which you have an open borders agreement. This presents a problem, because many of your direct rivals in the endgame won't agree to open their borders to you, and your Great Musicians will never be able to set foot in their territory. You will either have to negotiate tough agreements where you trade off a lot more than you get, or declare war on them and share your music by force.

There are many ways to earn "free" Great Musicians. Purchasing them with Faith Faith does not push back the spawning pool, whereas all of the following do:

Civilopedia entry[]

It has been said that "music is the soul of a people." If that is indeed the case, then "Great Musicians" are the guardians of that soul. Whatever the form, whatever the instruments, no other art speaks to our emotions like music. From the time that men first beat out a rhythm on logs, to the modern electronic orchestra, great composers and performers have expressed the collective sorrows and joys of each civilization.

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