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The Great Scientist is a type of Great Person Great Person in Civilization VI dedicated to the advancement of science and technology. Each Great Scientist has a unique ability which may be activated at least once, granting its owner a potentially game-changing bonus. Locations suitable for activation will vary wildly, depending on the particular ability of the Great Scientist; they may be a particular District District, or even some feature in the open world.

Earning Great Scientists[]

Great Scientists may be claimed by any player who has earned enough Great Scientist Great Scientist points. Campuses and their replacements generate +1 Great Scientist Great Scientist point per turn, +2 more if the city has built the Oracle, and provide an additional point for each building completed in that district. (For example, a Campus with a Library, University, and Research Lab would generate +4 Great Scientist Great Scientist points per turn.) Further points may also be earned by completing the Campus Research Grants project in a city with a Campus. Players who do not have enough points may patronize a Scientist by paying the difference using Faith Faith or Gold Gold.

Several wonders also provide Great Scientist Great Scientist points. The Great Library provides +1 Great Scientist Great Scientist point, the University of Sankore provides +2 Great Scientist Great Scientist points, Oxford University provides +3 Great Scientist Great Scientist points, and the Amundsen-Scott Research Station provides +5 Great Scientist Great Scientist points every turn.

Great Scientist badge (Civ6).png

Players can also increase their Great Scientist Great Scientist point yields by using the Inspiration policy card, which generates +2 Great Scientist Great Scientist points per turn. Once the player completes the Nuclear Program civic, the Inspiration card is replaced with the Nobel Prize policy card, which generates +4 Great Scientist Great Scientist points per turn. In Gathering Storm, this card is replaced with Science Foundations, and it provides +2 Great Scientist Great Scientist points for every University owned and +4 for every Research Lab owned, as well as Great Engineer points.

The Divine Spark pantheon bonus and the Stockholm Suzerain bonus (or Bologna in Gathering Storm) both increase the number of Great Scientist Great Scientist points generated from each Campus by +1. (Note that in Rise and Fall, Stockholm's bonus is only active if the Campus has a completed Library building.)

All Great Scientist Great Scientist point yields are doubled if Pingala with the Grants title is in the city.

Great Scientists[]

Name Era Bonus
Zhang Heng[1] Classical Triggers the Eureka Eureka for Celestial Navigation, Mathematics, and Engineering. If they are already triggered, instead completes the technology.
Aryabhata Classical Triggers the Eureka Eureka for three random technologies from the Classical or Medieval era.
Euclid Classical Triggers the Eureka Eureka for Mathematics and one random technology from the Medieval era.
Hypatia Classical Libraries provide +1 Science Science. Instantly builds a Library in this district.
Abu Al-Qasim Al-Zahrawi Medieval Active: Triggers the Eureka Eureka for one random Medieval or Renaissance era technology. Wounded units can heal +5 HP per turn.

Passive: +20 HP Healing for all units within one tile.

Hildegard of Bingen Medieval Gain 100 Faith Faith. This Holy Site's adjacency bonuses gain an additional Science Science bonus.
Omar Khayyam Medieval Triggers the Eureka Eureka for two technologies and the Inspiration Inspiration for one Civic from the Medieval or Renaissance era.
Ibn Khaldun[1] Renaissance Chosen Campus gains 2 Housing Housing and 1 Amenity Amenity. Increases non-Food Food yield benefits of happiness in your empire by 40%.
Emilie Du Chatelet Renaissance Triggers the Eureka Eureka for three random technologies from the Renaissance or Industrial era.
Galileo Galilei Renaissance Gain 250 Science Science for each adjacent Mountain tile.
Isaac Newton Renaissance Instantly builds a Library and a University in this district. Universities provide +2 Science Science.
Charles Darwin Industrial Gain 500 Science Science for each adjacent Natural Wonder.
Dmitri Mendeleev Industrial Triggers the Eureka Eureka for Chemistry and one random technology from the Industrial era.
James Young Industrial Triggers the Eureka Eureka for two random technologies from the Industrial or Modern era. Reveals Oil Oil without the normal tech requirement.
Alan Turing Modern Triggers the Eureka Eureka for Computers and one random technology from the Modern Era.
Albert Einstein Modern Triggers the Eureka Eureka for one random technology from the Modern Era. Research Labs provides an additional +4 Science Science.
Alfred Nobel Modern Triggers one random Eureka Eureka for one random technology from the Modern or Atomic era. Applies 100 free Great Person Great People points towards recruiting all current and future Great People.
Erwin Schrödinger Atomic Triggers the Eureka Eureka for three random technologies from the Atomic or Information era.
Janaki Ammal Atomic Gain 400 Science Science for each rainforest tile here or adjacent.
Mary Leakey Atomic Gain 350 Science Science for every Artifact Artifact in this city. Artifact Artifacts in all your cities generate 300% of their normal Tourism Tourism.
Margaret Mead[1] Atomic Gain 1000 Science Science and Culture Culture (on Standard speed).
Carl Sagan Information Provides 3000 Production Production towards a Space Race construction project.
Stephanie Kwolek Information +100% Production Production towards Space Race projects.
Abdus Salam Information Triggers the Eureka Eureka for all technologies from the Information era.
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Available with the Babylon Pack DLC.

Scenario-specific Great Scientists[]

Jadwiga's Legacy[]


Unsurprisingly, Great Scientists' abilities are focused primarily on technological advancement. Most of them trigger Eureka Eurekas for technologies from their respective era and/or the next one. Some, however, improve the working of Science Science-related buildings, and/or build these instantly (so, try to use them in Campuses which don't yet have the relevant buildings). Furthermore, some Great Scientists provide lump sums of Science Science when activated next to certain terrain features, requiring you to explore the world and physically bring the Scientist there!

End-game Great Scientists help rush Space Race projects, which may determine whether or not a player is able to complete a Science Victory.

Civilopedia entry[]

Great scientists try to offer innovative and insightful notions of how the world does work … as opposed to philosophers and prophets who offer thoughts on how the world should work. In some cases, the lines between these – especially as the notion of directed mutagenesis, quantum physics, asymptotic math, and other theoretical constructs take hold – can be very thin indeed. One of mankind’s best, or worst, attributes is curiosity, and this is something great scientists have in plenty. They pry into everything natural and unnatural, and the results of their “scientific method” can be a boon or a curse, and often both, to their fellows. Despite the academic arcade that issues advanced degrees in every scientific cul-de-sac possible and the monolithic corporate research institutes (for these days science is a lucrative business), there is still room for the occasional great scientist to come along and change everything yet again.

Related achievements[]

Man on the Moon
Man on the Moon
Win a regular game with a Science victory on any difficulty with any leader with a captured Egyptian city -- having also activated Newton and Darwin
The R.E.M. song 'Man on the Moon' mentions Egypt, Newton, and Darwin in one verse.
The Origin of Species
The Origin of Species
Activate Darwin adjacent to the Galapagos Islands
On the Origin of Species is a book by Charles Darwin on the Galapagos Islands, and is considered the basis of evolutionary biology.
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1 Requires a DLC

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