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Great Wall (Civ2) The Great Wall is a wonder in Civilization II.


AI Civilizations that own the Great Wall are particularly vulerable to attack after the discovery of Metallurgy. Civilizations don't build City Walls when they have the Great Wall because they already have them. Thus, when the Great Wall becomes obsolete, a large number of cities lose their City Walls, making them much easier to attack.

Civilopedia Entry

The Great Wall of China, a huge stone structure stretching from the Yellow Sea to the Asian deserts, was built over a period of approximately 1,800 years. The wall is 25 feet high and 12 feet thick, and runs nearly 1,500 miles across northern China. The purpose of the Great Wall was to make it difficult for raiders to escape with their booty, and thereby discourage invasion. Despite its overwhelming size, the wall was not intended to keep invaders out, since manning such a defensive structure would have been prohibitively expensive.


Civilization II Wonder - The Great Wall

Civilization II Wonder - The Great Wall

Video which plays upon the construction of this wonder


  • The extra ability for the wonder to act as a city wall is strangely not specifically mentioned in the Civilopedia for Civilization 2 Multiplayer Gold, but is confirmed in the manual.
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