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Front-line unit of the Modern Era. Upgrades from the Rifleman.


The Great War Infantry is the basic combat unit of the Modern Era, representative of the new tendencies of modern trench warfare. With so many exploding shells on the battlefield it becomes increasingly dangerous for battalions to maintain formation, and so modern infantry exchange organisation for mobility on the field, seeking as much cover as possible, while also firing at enemies. The invention of modern forms of communication also allows commanders to stay in touch while their troops are dispersed - something impossible before.

The Great War Infantry are significantly more efficient than earlier units, capable of dealing with sustained enemy fire while also delivering serious damage themselves. Use them at the front lines to soak up enemy attacks.

Civilopedia entryEdit

As the 20th century opened, the world experienced two of the deadliest and most destructive wars in human history. It was a time of remarkable advancement in the technology of killing, and the infantrymen of World War I faced every conceivable terror the world's scientists and engineers could throw at them. Typically armed with little more than a bolt-action rifle and simple uniform, these troops braved the horrors of trench warfare to defend their homes and families.

Unofficial custom card Edit


Custom homemade card featuring the Great War Infantry.

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