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Game Info[]

A Great Person in the Brave New World expansion, specialized in writing.

  • Actions:
    • Create Great Work of Writing
    • Write Political Treatise (One-time generation of a large amount of Culture Culture)

The unit is expended after performing either of these actions.


The Great Writer is one of the new types of Artists in the Brave New World expansion. The main method of producing him is building a Writers' Guild and assigning Specialists to work there. This earns GreatPeople5 Great Person Points. These Great Person Points eventually create a Great Writer, the pool empties and the pool size increases, meaning that more points are needed to earn each successive Great Writer.

As with the other Great People, the Great Writer has two uses: one for a more permanent benefit, and one for an immediate boost. Both of these abilities consume him.

Creating a Great Work of Writing and placing it into an appropriate building generates a permanent boost to Tourism Tourism and Culture Culture. Writing a political treatise, on the other hand, will immediately boost Culture Culture by a set amount (depending on your current Culture Culture output). Use the latter ability if you don't care too much about your Tourism Tourism, and want to speed up the acquisition of your next Social Policy.

There are many ways to earn "free" Great Writers. Purchasing them with Faith Faith does not push back the spawning pool, whereas all of the following do:

Civilopedia entry[]

"Great Writers" are those gifted men and women who express our desires, insights, fancies, foibles, fears and joys in the written word. Whether in poetry, in novels and stories, for the stage or screen, these are the artists who have defined their civilizations and cultures. Some write prose and poetry about imaginary worlds; others write tracts of philosophy, politics, religion and science about how our world is or should be. Their words echo through time, binding us all together.

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