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"King Solomon gave the Queen of Sheba all she desired and asked for; besides what he had given her out of his royal bounty. So she turned and went to her our country, she and her servants."
–1 Kings, 10:13
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Great Zimbabwe is a Renaissance Era Wonder in Civilization VI. It must be built adjacent to Cattle (Civ6) Cattle and a Commercial Hub with a Market.


Great Zimbabwe is a useful wonder for players focused on trade and economic development, though its placement requirements are very specific. The extra TradeRoute6 Trade Route, Merchant6 Great Merchant points, and other bonuses are all geared toward increasing its owner's Civ6Gold Gold flow. One can make optimal use of Great Zimbabwe by building it near a city surrounded by bonus resources and turning that city into a trading hub - the more TradeRoute6 Trade Routes run from the city, the more quickly the Civ6Gold Gold will come pouring in.

Australia, which has a natural incentive to settle near Cattle (Civ6) Cattle, Sheep (Civ6) Sheep, and water-based bonus resources (i.e. Fish (Civ6) Fish and Crabs (Civ6) Crabs), will often reap great benefits from this wonder.

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According to one set of legends, Great Zimbabwe was the palace complex of the Queen of Sheba. According to another set, it was where the laborers of King Solomon’s Mines – which were thought nearby by a generation of deluded treasure hunters – relaxed during their time off. In point of boring fact, it was the capital city, eventually covering some 1700 acres with a peak population of around 18 thousand, of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe which arose in 1220 AD and was gone by 1450 AD. Built entirely of stone (quite a feat in the jungle), Great Zimbabwe was soon afterward abandoned and fell into ruin. The earliest known record of the ruins is by the Portuguese officer Vicente Pegado, written in 1531. He makes mention of great walls, made of chiseled stone fitted without mortar. The ruins lie in three groupings: the Hill Complex, the Valley Complex, and the Great Enclosure, where the majority of the archaeological artifacts have been found: soapstone figurines, gold beads, copper ingots, bronze spearheads, jeweled pendants and bracelets, and much else. So, maybe those treasure hunters weren’t so deluded after all.

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