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The Grove is a basic conservation building in Civilization VI. It is built in the Preserve district.


The Grove functions very similarly to the Sanctuary, focusing on Food Food, Faith Faith, and Culture Culture while being a lot cheaper and unlocked four eras earlier. As it is unlocked early, it may be hard to increase the Appeal of tiles, as you will likely be unable to plant Woods early on. Limit adjacent Mines and districts that lower Appeal (like Industrial Zones) while clearing nearby Marshes and Rainforests to raise Appeal. Adjacent Holy Sites also help raise Appeal, and can simultaneously benefit from any nearby Woods.

This building, together with the Preserve, is amazing for Tundra cities. Appeal-lowering features (Floodplains, Rainforests, and Marshes) cannot spawn on Tundra, but Woods can. This means Tundra areas generally have higher average Appeal than other biomes. The Grove is great since it adds Food Food to Tundra (especially flat featureless Tundra tiles, which cannot be improved otherwise), alleviating the growth issues these cities often face.

When playing as the Inca, the boosted yields apply to Mountains, which players are normally unable to work. Water tiles receive bonuses from the Grove only if they are part of a natural wonder (since they have no Appeal otherwise).

Civilopedia entry[]

Semi-wild groves figure deeply into the religious and imaginative worlds of many peoples. The 11th-century German chronicler Adam of Bremen describes the grove in Uppsala, present-day Sweden, where human sacrifices to Odin, Thor, and Frey were hanged. Baltic and Celtic peoples likewise held stands of old trees – especially, for the latter, oak – to be holy. In the city of Kyoto, the bamboo grove at Arashiyama remains one of the most peaceful and sacred sites in a city known for its shrines. But perhaps the most famous of groves is Lumbini, the forest garden where the Buddha was born. A grove of ancient trees, preserved and tended, lends a living sacred and cultural heart to a preserve.

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