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Habitation (CivBE)

Primary technology of Tier 0

Science 50 20xScienceBE
Requires None
Leads to Chemistry


Buildings enabled Old Earth Relic
Improvements enabled None
Satellites enabled None
Units enabled Explorer

Allows the Clinic and Old Earth Relic buildings. Allows the Worker, Explorer, and Soldier units.

"We once believed that our destiny was controlled by the Gods. As we learned more about nature, we changed our minds. Now that we control our destiny, let us hope they never change back."

- Anonymous


Along with food and water, the most basic human necessity is shelter. By the 21st Century, mankind had moved from mud-brick huts, thick-walled castles and concrete high-rises to pre-fabricated structures that were automated to “build themselves.” The latter, developed to ease the housing shortage during the population displacements caused by the rising sea levels, were adapted for use by the colonial ventures during the Seeding. Of course, viable habitation on an alien world was more than just shelter for the colonists; it also included warehouses, cultural centers, administrative structures and such. These were usually the first construction projects after the pre-fab dwellings were up.

Game InfoEdit

Habitation is a Primary Tech at the heart of the Tech Web (Tier 0), and it represents the basic habitational techniques developed from the preliminary information about the alien planet acquired via unmanned robots ahead of your Colonist Ship's landing. These techniques include a new types of self-constructing plasteel structures developed specifically to withstand harsh atmospheric conditions with minimal energy expenditure and maintenance; while providing basic habitational, administrative and storage space. Other techniques include studies of the alien landscape and atmosphere composition and the machines necessary to deal with them in the first days of your budding colony.

Habitation allows the essential early game unit, the Worker Unit, capable of improving all the landscape around you. It also allows for the construction of early game units and buildings such as Explorers, Soldiers, the Old Earth Relic Building and the Clinic.

All colonies start with this technology already researched.

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