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Hamurrabi's Code

Hammurabi's Code as it appears in Civilization: Call to Power

Hammurabi's Code is a wonder in Civilization: Call to Power. It is part of the Forever Future mod that was released in 2012.


  • Hammurabi's Code was completed by the Babylonians around 1772 BC. However, there is no Babylonian civilization in the Call to Power series; they can only be played if they are added to the game by a mod or another edit.
  • Since Hammurabi's Code is a part of the history of three of the default civilizations (Assyria, Persia, and Turkey), and since the Assyrians were the last of the independent Mesopotamian civilizations to rule the region before the Persians and the Ottoman Turks (who ruled from circa 500 BC to 323 BC and 1517 AD to 1919 AD respectively), it is considered by the game to be an Assyrian Wonder.

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