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The Hansa is a unique District District of the German civilization in Civilization VI. It replaces the Industrial Zone.

Vanilla and Rise and Fall[]

Gathering Storm[]


The following buildings can be constructed in a Hansa:



Arguably the strongest weapon in the German arsenal, and one of the most revered pieces of unique infrastructure in the game, very similar to its counterpart in Civilization V: Brave New World, the Hansa turns Germany into a Production Production powerhouse. In vanilla and Rise and Fall, just try to look for areas rich in resources (strategy, bonus, and/or luxury), settle your cities close together so that you can have a central core of multiple Commercial Hubs and multiple Hansas, and you will be off to a good start. In this respect, the Germans are very similar to the Japanese, since they also love closely-settled cities for high adjacency bonuses, so you can apply the experience you have playing as the Japanese here to get the maximum adjacency bonus out of the Hansa. When founding new cities, be sure to make them in pairs so you can place your Hansas and Commercial Hubs in a diamond position - place two Commercial Hubs near each other with one tile in between them, then place the Hansas in between them, adjacent to each other, to get a huge Production Production bonus.

In Gathering Storm, the basic Industrial Zone gets even stronger, since it now receives major adjacency bonuses from Canals, Dams, and Aqueducts, making the Hansa even more of a beast. The basics of this District District is unchanged, as you still need to prioritize settling in resource-rich areas, but now, with new adjacency rules in place, each Hansa can grant up to 50 Production Production if planned properly. Before, you can only get a decent Hansa if your cities are in resourch-rich areas (which is not a guarantee), and close to your other cities, but now, even a standalone city in an area with few resources can turn into a bustling Production Production center with a bit of city planning.

Single Hansa formation (Civ6)

The simplest configuration for Hansas in standalone cities

  • The easiest city configuration to achieve is the single Hansa formation, where you have to try your best to flank your Hansa with an Aqueduct, a Commercial Hub, and a Dam. In a less likely situation, the Dam can be replaced with a Canal, or in an even less likely situation, both a Dam and a Canal can be fit into this configuration. The point here is to surround the Hansa with as many District Districts that grant major adjacency bonuses as possible. Remember, each District District around your Hansa also grants 0.5 Production Production (rounded down) for being a District District, so if your Hansa is next to 2 of these 4 District Districts, it will earn at least 5 Production Production, not 4. Of course, you should try to minimize the number of standalone cities when playing as Germany, but these cities can be crucial in securing strategic land positions or resources.
Double Hansa formation (Civ6)

The most common configuration for Hansas in cities that are close to at least another city. This formation, if planned correctly, should allow each Hansa to touch at least 3 other major-adjacency District Districts

Double Hansa strategic view (Civ6)

The strategic view of the double Hansa configuration

  • The most common configuration and also the one that you should attempt to achieve is the double Hansa formation, where a District District complex is placed between two cities and each Hansa is flanked by at least 3 major-adjacency District Districts. If you manage to build next to each Hansa one more District District, each of them will have at least 8 Production Production as the starting adjacency, and that has not taken into account possible resources nearby. This is also the most versatile configuration of the three introduced, since the locations of these District Districts can be changed slightly. However, always keep this question in mind when planning a double Hansa configuration: "Does each of my Hansa touch at least 3 other major-adjacency District Districts?" If the answer is yes, you are good to go.
Triple Hansa formation (Civ6)

The most complex yet very satisfying configuration for Hansas that, if pulled off, will reward a huge amount of Production Production to all cities involved

Triple Hansa strategic view (Civ6)

The strategic view of the triple Hansa configuration

Hansa empire view (Civ6)

A view of the Hansa adjacencies through the Empire lens

  • Last but not least, the triple Hansa is the most complex configuration for the Hansa that is not always possible to pull off. In order to build this mega industrial complex, you need a 6-tile triangular space that does not contain anything that can block the placement of District District. The most common things to watch out for are luxury resources, strategic resources, Antiquity Site Antiquity Site and certain terrain features. That's not all, the 3 tiles at the corner of the triangle needs to be able to host an Aqueduct (or a Dam or a Canal, but as mentioned before, these 2 engineering District District only complicate the matters further with their placement rules). After finding a spot that satisfies all these conditions, the rest is simple. After constructing the complex itself, add a few Commercial Hubs next to the Hansas for even more Production Production, and maybe a few more other District District if the location permits. Note that if you have to destroy bonus resources to place down these extra District District, it is not worth it, since each bonus resource gives the Hansa a standard bonus while each normal District District only gives a minor bonus. If pulled off successfully, combined with the Craftsmen policy card, Hansa buildings including the Coal Power Plant, Power Power, and Citizen Specialists, each of these 3 Hansas in this formation can reach 40 to 50 Production Production, depending how many other District Districts and resources there are.

The best thing about this is under Frederick Barbarossa, every form of government receives an extra Military Policy Military policy slot, which can always be dedicated to run Craftsmen, at least until Five-Year Plan (an Economic Policy Economic policy card) is unlocked. Note that this strategic Industrial Zone planning is not exclusive to Germany, it can be used by any other civilizations, since only the major adjacency bonus from Commercial Hubs is exclusive to the Hansa. Mastering city planning with Germany is a good start when you try to improve your gameplay, especially in a Scientific Victory where Production Production is key. Also, highly compact cities allow for efficient counterespionage, where only one Spy is capable of covering everything in a mega District District complex.

Civilopedia entry[]

From the Old French meaning “company of merchants,” the Hanse was a voluntary confederation of merchants and traders organized in a town for the protection and facility of commerce and transport. In the mercantile ports of the Baltic and North Sea these manufacturing and trading guilds became quite powerful and influential in the 13th Century, with their headquarters in complexes also known as the hansa. The largest hansa districts not only housed the administrative offices of competing guilds, but also storerooms, workshops, markets, banks and anything else that could turn a profit. The first such appears to have been built in Lubeck c. 1159 AD to facilitate trade between Western Europe and the resource-rich areas of northern Russia.


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