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Happiness, Happiness (Civ4).png, is an attribute of cities in Civilization IV.

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Happiness sources[]

Difficulty level[]

Difficulty level Bonus happiness
Settler and Chieftain 6 Happiness (Civ4).png
Warlord and Noble 5 Happiness (Civ4).png
Prince and Monarch 4 Happiness (Civ4).png
Emperor, Immortal and Deity 3 Happiness (Civ4).png


Resource Happiness

Fur.png Fur
Ivory (Civ4).png Ivory

+1 Happiness (Civ4).pngwith Camp
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Market

Whale (Civ4).png Whale

+1 Happiness (Civ4).pngwith Whaling Boats
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Market

Silk (Civ4).png Silk

+1 Happiness (Civ4).pngwith Plantation
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Market

Dye.png Dye
Incense (Civ4).png Incense

+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Plantation
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Theatre

Wine (Civ4).png Wine

+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Winery

Spices (Civ4).png Spices
Sugar (Civ4).png Sugar

+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Plantation

Incense (Civ4).png Incense

+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Plantation
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Jewish Synagogue
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Christian Cathedral
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Islamic Mosque
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Hindu Mandir
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Buddhist Stupa
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Confucian Academy
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Taoist Pagoda

Gems (Civ4).png Gems
Gold (resource) (Civ4).png Gold
Silver (Civ4).png Silver

+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Mine
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Forge

Hit Movies (Civ4).png Hit Movies
Hit Musicals (Civ4).png Hit Musicals
Hit Singles (Civ4).png Hit Singles

+1 Happiness (Civ4).png
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png with Broadcast Tower


Building Happiness
Palace Palace +1 Happiness (Civ4).png
Colosseum Colosseum +1 Happiness (Civ4).png per 20% Culture (Civ4).png Rate
Theatre Theatre +1 Happiness (Civ4).png per 10% Culture (Civ4).png Rate
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png from Dye
Broadcast Tower Broadcast Tower +1 Happiness (Civ4).png per 10% Culture (Civ4).png Rate
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png from Hit Movies, Hit Musicals and Hit Singles
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png for Charismatic leaders
Temple Temple +1 Happiness (Civ4).png
Market Market +1 Happiness (Civ4).png from Fur, Ivory, Silk and Whale
Cathedral Cathedral +2 Happiness (Civ4).png if associated religion is state religion Religion4.png

+1 Happiness (Civ4).png from Incense

Forge Forge +1 Happiness (Civ4).png from Gems, Gold and Silver
Barracks Barracks +2 Happiness (Civ4).png with Nationhood


Wonder Happiness
Globe Theatre Globe Theatre No Anger (Civ4).png Unhappiness in this city.
Notre Dame Notre Dame +2 Happiness (Civ4).png in all same-continental cities
Broadway Broadway

Hollywood Hollywood
Rock 'n' Roll Rock 'n' Roll

+1 Happiness (Civ4).png


Future Tech provides +1 Happiness (Civ4).png in every city.


Civic Happiness
Free Religion Free Religion +1 Happiness (Civ4).png per religion in a city
Nationhood Nationhood +2 Happiness (Civ4).png from Barracks
Environmentalism Environmentalism +1 Happiness (Civ4).png from Jungle and Forest
Representation Representation +3 Happiness (Civ4).png in 4 to 6 largest cities, depending on map size
Hereditary Rule Hereditary Rule +1 Happiness (Civ4).png per military unit stationed in the city

Leader traits[]

Charismatic leader trait gives +1 Happiness (Civ4).png per city, +1 Happiness (Civ4).png from Monument and Broadcast Tower.

Commerce slider[]


Unhappiness sources[]

  • Overpopulation: Every citizen in a city generates one unhappy face. The bigger the population, the more unhappy everybody is.
  • War Weariness: As a war continues, more and more citizens become unhappy about it. This is especially true in cities that you have recently captured from the civilization you're fighting.
  • Cultural Inferiority: A city will become unhappy if it is being "culturally dominated" by a nearby foreign city (see Borders).
  • Undefended: A city becomes unhappy if you have no military units in that city. The type of unit does not matter, so make sure to have at least one unit in every city.
  • Slavery and the Draft: Citizens are unhappy if you work them to death (see the Nationhood civic).
  • Emancipation: Citizens become unhappy if other civilizations have adopted the Emancipation civic and you have not. The more civilizations that have adopted emancipation, the more unhappy become the citizens of the remaining holdouts.


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