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Happy Face (Civ3).png

City improvements, wonders, entertainers, and luxuries produce either Content Face (Civ3).png content or Happy Face (Civ3).png happy faces in the

city where they exist.

These Produce this
City improvements Content Face (Civ3).png content faces
Wonders Content Face (Civ3).png content faces
Military police Content Face (Civ3).png content faces
Luxuries Happy Face (Civ3).png happy faces
Entertainers Happy Face (Civ3).png happy faces
Entertainment Happy Face (Civ3).png happy faces

Each happy face affects the mood of one citizen.

  • Each Content Face (Civ3).png content face makes one unhappy citizen content.
  • Each Happy Face (Civ3).png happy face makes one content citizen happy.

If there aren't enough people of the appropriate sort in a city, the effects of any extra faces are lost.