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Harbor (Civ2).png A Harbor is a building in Civilization II that adds one extra unit of Food (Civ2).pngfood to all ocean tiles in the city's radius.

Like Coastal Fortress, Offshore Platform and Port Facility, this improvement cannot be built unless the city is adjacent to at least one ocean tile.  A city that is not adjacent to an ocean tile, but includes ocean tiles in its radius, cannot build any of the littoral improvements.


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Civilopedia entry[]

Just because a city is built in a coastal region doesn't guarantee that the city is readily accessible by ship. In order for a port city to establish a steady trade, fishing, or other shipping industry, the city must have a harbor. A harbor is a protected body of water that opens into an ocean or lake that shelters ships from waves and high winds. Although some coastal cities are established in areas where a natural harbor exists, most seaports are forced either to improve the existing natural harbor, or to build a man-made harbor to shelter ships and provide channels deep enough to accommodate large vessels.

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