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Headquarters (CivBE)
National Wonder in Beyond Earth
Cost N/A 20xProductionBE
Maintenance None
Requires None
Specialist slots None
Effect +4 20xEnergyBE Energy
+3 20xProductionBE Production
+2 20xScienceBE Science
+1 20xCultureBE Culture
+6 City Defense
Notes The Headquarters designates this City as the Capital (CivBE) Capital, and provides a myriad of bonuses to make it a strong base of operations.

The Headquarters, a National Wonder, is automatically constructed in the Capital.


Both residence and office for the colonial administration, the Headquarters took many forms and was constantly expanded and upgraded as the colony prospered and expanded. As with colonial leaders throughout the history of Old Earth separated from their homeland by oceans, the mission commanders during the Seeding were forced by interstellar distances to govern on their own, facing the challenges and difficult decisions without guidance from their sponsors. For effective and efficient leadership, it was imperative that administrative functions be consolidated in one place...the Headquarters. After shelter, the HQ was usually the first structure completed immediately after planetfall, with its location becoming the de facto capital for the fledgling venture. Depending on the sponsor, the HQ might resemble more a corporate office, a sprawling governmental center, an imposing fortress, or a palatial residence. Regardless of their outward form, colonial headquarters all engaged in the same activities: strategic planning, communication, military command, tax collection and community expenditure, dispensing justice, supervising major construction projects, and the like. However, over the decades since the first landings, as colonial leaders took their people down new technological and unforeseen philosophical paths, the HQ diverged in form and function ever more.

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