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and 20xUnHealthBE.png Unhealth represent the physical and social integrity of a colony. In many ways, it is similar to the Happiness/Unhappiness relationship from Civilization V: it is affected by most of the same factors (number of cities, population, etc.), and it provides positive or negative bonuses depending on the balance of the two. However, since there are no Golden Ages in Civilization Beyond Earth, the positive health state of a colony brings instead a series of constant bonuses (as long as the positive balance is maintained at certain levels). Note that unlike happiness in Civilization V, 20xHealthBE.png


does NOT affect combat effectiveness of troops! == Computing 20xHealthBE.png


and 20xUnHealthBE.png Unhealth == 20xHealthBE.png


and 20xUnHealthBE.png Unhealth are computed at both the city level and the colony level. However, the effects are applied colony-wide. === City 20xHealthBE.png



City 20xHealthBE.png is affected by the following:

  • Each city generates 4 20xUnHealthBE.png (8 20xUnHealthBE.png per occupied city).
  • The second Prosperity virtue synergy bonus partially offsets this with 1 20xHealthBE.png per city.
  • Each 22xPopulationBE.png

Population generates 0.75 20xUnHealthBE.png (1.34 20xUnHealthBE.png per occupied 22xPopulationBE.png



  • The Community Medicine virtue partially offsets this with 1 20xHealthBE.png per 6 population. Thus, the average unhealth per 22xPopulationBE.png

Population generated is reduced to ~0.58 from 0.75.

  • Some buildings generate 20xHealthBE.png or 20xUnHealthBE.png.
  • The

Biowell tile improvement generates 1 20xHealthBE.png.

Petroleum Well tile improvement generates 1 20xUnHealthBE.png.

  • The

Manufactory tile improvement generates 2 20xUnHealthBE.png. City 20xHealthBE.png cannot exceed 1 per 22xPopulationBE.png


. === Colony 20xHealthBE.png



Colony 20xHealthBE.png is equal to the sum of all city health plus any colony-wide modifiers. These include:

  • The Mind over Matter virtue increases colony 20xHealthBE.png by 7.
  • If Propaganda is chosen as the National Security Project, each agent at Headquarters increases 20xHealthBE.png by 2%.
  • The Eudaimonia virtue reduces all 20xUnHealthBE.png by 15%.

Health levels

A colony has a net health based on its total 20xHealthBE.png minus its total 20xUnHealthBE.png. Depending on the net health of a colony, certain bonuses apply to the entire colony.

Health Effects
20-70 20xUnHealthBE.png
  • Production 20xProductionBE.png is penalized -1% per point (down to -50%)
15-65 20xUnHealthBE.png
  • Enemy Covert Ops Intrigue is increased +2% per point (up to +100%)
10-60 20xUnHealthBE.png
  • Science 20xScienceBE.png is penalized -1% per point (down to -50%)
5-55 20xUnHealthBE.png
  • Culture 20xCultureBE.png is penalized -1% per point (down to -50%)
0-50 20xUnHealthBE.png
  • City Growth penalty -2% per point (down to -100%)
  • Outpost Growth penalty -2% per point (down to -100%)
0-5 20xHealthBE.png
  • No effects
5-25 20xHealthBE.png
  • Production 20xProductionBE.png is boosted +1% per point (up to +20%)
10-30 20xHealthBE.png
  • Enemy Covert Ops Intrigue is decreased -2% per point (down to -40%)
15-35 20xHealthBE.png
  • Science 20xScienceBE.png is boosted +1% per point (up to +20%)
20-40 20xHealthBE.png
  • Culture 20xCultureBE.png is boosted +1% per point (up to +20%)
25-45 20xHealthBE.png
  • City Growth bonus +1% per point (up to +20%)
  • Outpost Growth bonus +2% per point (up to +40%)


Health is good indicator of overall colony performance. Because it affects so many other stats ( 20xProductionBE.png Production, 20xCultureBE.png Culture, 20xScienceBE.png Science, etc.), Health could also be considered the most important stat. Just like Happiness in Civilization V, low Health can cripple your colony, although maybe not to the degree it can in Civ5. High Health, on the other hand, could bring you desirable bonuses across the board.

Keeping Health in line takes effort. While Unhealth constantly rises with the growth of your Colony, Health often lags, and rarely exceeds it (except perhaps late in a game). This is due to the cap on each city's Health contribution. There are plenty of sources of Health; Buildings, Virtues, and even tile improvements. But only Virtues are not linked to (capped by) the Population of individual cities.

Said another way, the combined Health from all city-based sources can never exceed the Unhealth created by that city. If you have 10 Citizens, you can only have a maximum local contribution of 10 Health, even though the different buildings, tiles, etc., add up to 15 or more. In the best case scenario, this helps you zero out a given city's Unhealth created by Population, but not extra Unhealth created by number of cities and Specialists.

Here is where Virtue-related Health kicks in. You should look for sources of Health within your chosen Virtue category (each one has them) and develop them. Sometimes this means growing your army; sometimes, getting as many Trade units as possible. Regardless of what it is, you should turn this into your number two or three priority in your entire game strategy (right after colony growth and expansion planning and Affinity development), or you risk being permanently saddled with negative Health. At a minimum, it means slower scientific and cultural development.

On the other hand, having negative Health isn't as bad as negative Happiness in Civilization V. You can manage quite long periods of low Health. They will hamper your development somewhat, but as long as you don't reach -10, the effect is nowhere near as severe. Still, don't stop looking for ways to increase Health. Plan your tech progress so you unlock new sources of Health, so as to keep up with individual city growth.

Some wonders can help in managing your health levels with some even having impacts on all of your cities. If you can't help going lower than -10, consider building the Xenonova as the global impacts of negative health will be halved, giving you some breathing space. The Promethean wonder will negate all unhealth from any buildings or tiles in a city, making a great structure for a city with many manufactures and oil wells. The Akkorokamui will reduce 50% of the unhealth generated by citizens in a city. Towards the end game, look into building the Resurrection Device, especially if you have high health levels. The 50% boost applies to all of your cities.

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