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Hector Alvarez is the leader of the New Earth and one of the eight playable leaders in Final Frontier.


Civilopedia entry[]

As the leader of New Earth, Hector Alvarez is known to originate from mankind's homeworld itself, rather than being a native-born inhabitant. He was transferred to New Earth nearly five years ago to serve as its ruling Magistrate. Fiercely loyal to his home planet, Alvarez believes that New Earth represents the true legitimate authority in the universe as a part of the Earth itself. As such, he feigns diplomacy with rebels over a more direct approach... non-loyal factions are in the way and require elimination. In the face of greater strength, Alvarez is out of his element.

Despite his flaws, Alvarez is an able administrator, and his goal is to make New Earth into a model society: an advanced bastion of technological research, with a universally-recognized culture, and - if necessary - military might. However, the zeal Alvarez holds for his projects often draws scrutiny, and while able to motivate New Earth's citizens to accomplish more than thought possible, he also creates numerous enemies in the process.