Hermitage (Civ5)

National wonder in Civilization V

20xProduction5 125 (increases with number of cities)


Required Buildings Opera House
Technology Architecture
  • +50% 20xCulture5 Culture in the city
  • Contains 3 slots for Great Works of Art.
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Game InfoEdit

Cultural national wonder. Requires an Opera House in all cities.

  • 20xCulture5 Culture output of this City increased by 50%.
  • Contains 3 slots for Great Works of Art which provide +3 theming bonus, if you fill the slots with Great Works of Art from different civilizations and different eras.
  • +5 20xCulture5 Culture and 20xTourism5 Tourism with Religious Art Religious Belief
  • BNW-only +1 20xHappiness5 Happiness with Universal Healthcare tenet (any Ideology)


The Hermitage is a must-have for a civilization striving towards a cultural victory. Its theming bonus is as strong as that of the Uffizi, but it doesn't require any specific social policies.

It is highly advisable to build the Hermitage in a city with strong cultural output (usually the Capital5 Capital) due to the +50% 20xCulture5 Culture bonus.

Civilopedia entryEdit

The Hermitage is a museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Constructed in 1764 by Catherine the Great, the Hermitage's collection contains some three million pieces, including the largest collection of paintings in the world. The collection is housed in a number of historic buildings, including the extraordinary Winter Palace, the former official residence of the Tsars from 1732 to 1917.

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