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The Hetairoi is a unique heavy cavalry unit of the Macedonian civilization (when led by Alexander) in Civilization VI. It replaces the Horseman.

In the Gathering Storm expansion, the Hetairoi requires 10 Horses Horses to train.


Alexander brings another domination vessel to Macedon, arguably even more powerful than the Hypaspist, the Hetairoi. Unlike the Horseman it replaces, the Hetairoi is classified as a heavy cavalry unit, which means they can be upgraded into Knights. allowing them to stay relevant for much longer, and equipped with a Promotion Promotion line much more suited for conquest. Also, they start with a free Promotion Promotion, so you can choose either Charge (which increases damage against fortified defenders), or Barding (which increases defense against ranged attacks). Generally, since you will have a lot of Hetairoi for the purpose of domination, it is a good idea to mix and match the Promotion Promotions, but it is worth noting that Marauding is a strong tier II Promotion Promotion that can increase damage output against defensible District Districts, if those District Districts have a garrison unit, and Marauding requires Charge.

With the Hetairoi, Macedon is also incredible at grabbing Great General Great Generals. Each kill performed by a Hetairoi results in 5 Great General Great General points, on top of the fact that Macedon already loves building Encampments more than a normal Domination civilization, since they have a strong replacement for the Barracks that can be used for Science Science, the Basilikoi Paides. Hetairoi also benefit twice as much from Great General Great Generals compared to other units. Besides the normal 5 Strength Combat Strength and 1 Movement Movement, a Hetairoi also receives 5 extra Strength Combat Strength when attacking a unit adjacent to a Macedonian Great General Great General. This is the awkward part, since the bonus doesn't function in the way the in-game tooltip describes. If the Hetairoi and the Great General Great General share the same hex, this shouldn't be a problem, since the Hetairoi's attacks are melee. However, if the Great General Great General stands behind the Hetairoi, and the Hetairoi attacks a unit in the front, since that enemy unit is not flanked by the Great General Great General, the Hetairoi only receives 5 Strength Combat Strength from being near the Great General Great General, but cannot activate its special bonus. Note that this special bonus of the Hetairoi can be activated by any Great General Great General, not necessarily a Classical one. Therefore, a Hetairoi can receive 5 Strength Combat Strength when attacking a unit flanked by a Medieval Great General Great General, but, as expected, will not receive the normal 5 Strength Combat Strength and 1 Movement Movement from standing within 2-tile of that Medieval Great General Great General.

Overall, the Hetairoi is an incredibly powerful unit, and they will form the heart of the Macedonian army. With a potential Strength Combat Strength of 46, by far the highest in the Classical Era, 5 Movement Movement, a free starting Promotion Promotion with boosted experience gained from the Basilikoi Paides, this unit can be a nightmare to defend against. Also, in Gathering Storm, the Hetairoi uses Horses Horses, instead of Iron Iron like other heavy cavalry units, which is great since it won't compete against the contemporary Hypaspist in the same resource pool.

Civilopedia entry[]

The powerful hetairoi (known simply as “the Companions”) were an elite cavalry unit who served as the hammer in Macedon’s famed hammer-and-anvil tactics, popularized under Philip II and used to great effect by his son, Alexander the Great. While the Macedonian phalanx pinned a rival army in place with their extra-long spears (known as sarissas), the hetairoi would organize into a wedge and charge directly into the enemy flanks or rear.

An abrupt attack by the shock cavalry nearly impossible to avoid or deter, and was often enough to break the will of less seasoned troops. As they fled for their lives, they were easy pickings for the hetairoi who could ride them down and dispatch them in their leisure.

Most of the Companions came from the ranks of Macedon’s noble families, though the king could technically admit anyone to their ranks. They were armed with short spears and swords.


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