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Game Info[]

Terrain feature found everywhere.

  • Base yield: 2 Production Production (unless on snow).


Hills are mainly useful for building Mine improvements, which allow you to explore their vast Production Production potential. However, if they are adjacent to fresh water, you can also build a Farm and combine Food Food and Production Production potential - consider this if there are many hills close to a city and you're short of arable land. The Incan civilization can construct their special Terrace Farms on hills, which are more effective than normal Farms for Food Food, especially if there are mountains nearby.

Hills are also natural defense centers - anything on a hill receives a bonus. You can also build a Fort to increase the defensive bonus and create a stronghold in the region.

They are excellent places to settle due to early bonuses. A city gets Melee strength Combat Strength and free production, plus the lack of Food Food on an unimproved hill is ignored and automatically changed to 2 after settling for free. While the Windmill is not available that is fairly late game, and early production is usually better.

Civilopedia entry[]

Hills provide increased productivity to a nearby city. They also provide important combat bonuses to units stationed on the hills.

Civilization V Terrains [edit]
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