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Hinduism is one of thirteen eligible religions featured in the Gods & Kings and Brave New World expansions for Civilization V.

Game Info[]

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Unlike the Hinduism in Civilization IV, this religion has no technological requirements to be unlocked and neither unique buildings nor a unique missionary unit. Like all other religions, Hinduism can be founded directly after using a Great Prophet's Found Religion ability and only one civilization can be the founder of this religion.

Hinduism is the preferred religion of the following civilizations:

Civilopedia entry[]

Widely considered the oldest religion still in practice today, Hinduism is based upon a series of ancient manuscripts known as the Vedas. This collection of Sanskrit texts, encompassing four main scriptures, is thought to have been written over 3,500 years ago. With over one billion followers throughout the world today (most being concentrated in India), Hinduism also has one of the largest followings of any major religion.

Although Hinduism cannot be attributed to a single founder, the religion has grown on the basis of the writings found in the Vedas, which focus on a single, unifying force that governs all aspects of our existence. Although there are a number of widely recognizable gods within Hinduism, notably Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma, these deities are all but a small part of the greater God. Dharma, or the "Ultimate Reality," is the universal power or law by which all things that exist are bound. Through endless cycles of death and rebirth, Hindus believe that the only means of breaking free from unending reincarnation is through meditation and the realization that God is in all things. Hindus also believe in Karma, by which our deeds, both good and bad, have a cause and effect relationship on how our lives progress.

Although there are a number of competing sects within Hinduism and the schools may differ in their interpretation of the ancient manuscripts, they do not view each other as rivals, and in fact share ideas and opinions openly amongst one another.

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