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The Hippodrome is the unique building of the Byzantine civilization.


Compared to the Theatre which it replaces, there are several changes:

  • +1 happiness Happiness (Civ4).png to the city
  • +1 happiness Happiness (Civ4).png from Horses Horse (Civ4).png instead of from Dyes Dyes (Civ4).png
  • Does not allow for turning 2 citizens into artists
  • Receives +1 happiness Happiness (Civ4).png per 5% Culture Culture (Civ4).png rate instead of per 10% Culture rate.

Civilopedia entry[]

The Hippodrome of Constantinople (literally "Horse Path" in Greek) was constructed in 203 AD by the Emperor Septimius Severus. The building was a massive venue for chariot races. While the art of charioteering saw great advances in the Hippodrome - the first four-horse races were held here - much of the venue's renown would stem from its involvement in one of the most terrible massacres in Byzantine history. During the Nika Revolts, a brutal uprising between rival racing factions, nearly 30,000 rioters were slain by Byzantine troops within the Hippodrome.