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Hippolyta is a Hero in Civilization VI. She is exclusive to the Heroes & Legends game mode, introduced in the Babylon Pack.

  • Attributes:
    • Counts as an anti-cavalry unit.
    • Cannot earn experience or Promotion Promotions.
    • Does not end her turn after using her active ability.
  • Abilities:
    • Rugged: Ignores Movement Movement penalties in Hills terrain.
    • Hippolyta's Favor: Hippolyta automatically heals 20 HP each turn.
    • Hippolyta's Command: Target any adjacent friendly unit that has moved or attacked this turn. Hippolyta immediately restores the unit's moves and attacks. Usable once per turn.


Like all Hero units, Hippolyta's Strength Strength increases with the progression of the eras, as shown in the table below.

Era Strength Combat Strength
Classical 44
Medieval 58
Renaissance 70
Industrial 82
Modern 94
Atomic 104
Information 114
Future 126

Among all the heroes with active abilities, Hippolyta's Command is the only ability that does not cost any charges. This makes her an excellent frontline and support Hero with her healing ability.

Civilopedia entry[]

Hippolyta is the queen of the Amazons, an all-female tribe of warriors thought to be daughters of Ares, the Greek god of war. They delighted in combat and rejected husbands and sons, although they would visit the men of a neighboring tribe once a year. The Greeks placed them just beyond their eastern border, usually in Asia Minor on the edges of the Black Sea. Perhaps their legend was a way for the Greeks to imagine a different society outside of the boundaries of what they considered civilization, or perhaps there was some sort of historical precedent for warrior women amongst the Scythians or other peoples of that region.

Hippolyta is a figure in a few stories featuring Heracles (Hercules). She possessed a magic girdle that protected her in battle, and one of Heracles’s labors was to steal it from her – quite the challenge even for the legendary strongman. According to some versions of the legend, Heracles charmed the Amazon, which so infuriated Hera that the goddess incited Hippolyta’s Amazons to attack.

The name "Amazon" has gotten a lot of use in the years since Hippolyta. The Spanish explorer Francisco de Orellana gave the title to the indigenous people that he met in what would become Brazil owing to how women fought alongside men. They fought so well, in fact, that de Orellana was to die on the river he had named, following a skirmish with local groups.


  • Hippolyta's helmet is a plumed Corinthian helmet, which is also depicted in her icon.


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