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Hit Movies are a resource in Civilization IV.

Hit Movies, like Hit Singles and Hit Musicals and unlike other resources, cannot be obtained by improving a tile. Instead, the owner of the Hollywood wonder obtains a certain number based on the map size. Other players must trade with them or conquer the wonder to get it.


As the owner of the Hollywood wonder has a monopoly on this resource and controls who does or doesn't have it, it's great for a builder playing the diplomatic game.

Providing AI leaders with resources boosts their relations to you, which helps reduce the risk of war. If they decide to go to war with you anyway, they'll take a happiness hit from losing the resource. The risk of a happiness hit could also help put other players off trying to attack you in multiplayer, though you'd likely need a monopoly on all three resources for it to be significant enough.

As with the other "Hit" resources, Roosevelt is a very good leader to aim for the attached wonders due to America's unique building boosting their effectiveness and Roosevelt being an Industrious leader.

Civilopedia entry[]

Throughout history, man has been fascinated by moving images. Before the movie, such images were created by magic lanterns, zoetropes, flip books, and the like. In the 1880s, photographic film was invented, and the new material's potential to create moving pictures was quickly seen. Within just several years motion picture cameras and projectors were created, and the "movie" - moving pictures - was born.

Movies were silent for their first forty years, but by the late 1920s soundtracks were added and the "talkie" was born. By the mid-1950s color film was common. Excepting for improvements in picture and sound quality, movies have remained essentially the same since.

In the early years of movies, the United States produced the majority of films, most made in Hollywood, California. Though the US remains an important producer, a number of other countries now have film industries that rival Hollywood. For instance, the Indian film industry produces more films per year than the US and sells more tickets. However, no other films can yet match Hollywood's international appeal.

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