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The Holkan is the unique unit of the Mayan civilization.


Compared to the Spearmen they replace, Holkan have the following differences:

Holkan do very well at repelling an early attack. Since they can be built quickly and do not rely on a resource, you can have them up and running ready for a horse-based attack - particularly useful if you're against an opponent with an early-era unique mounted unit.

Like all early no-resource units, Holkan can run early attacks, but it's highly likely that your opponents will already have Archers and possibly Axemen, making it a more difficult route than most.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Warfare among the Mayans was a bloody and constant affair, serving both economic and religious purposes. Most leaders demanded tribute from conquered city-states in order to increase their own standing. Yet equally important was the capture of victims for sacrifice. This was the domain of the dreaded Holkan. Elite warriors armed with slingshots, stones and razor-sharp spears, the Holkans were trained specifically to capture enemies alive, to provide fodder for ever-hungry sacrificial altars.

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