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Holomatrix (CivBE)

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Game infoEdit


The Holomatrix is an advanced communications/entertainment hub which serves the same role as the old TV satellites on Earth. The new ways of entertainment this satellite makes possible increase vastly the Culture of your people. Besides that, with so many interesting things to watch and experience, people tend to get less involved in enemy spying operations, which diminishes sharply the rate at which Intrigue increases in cities affected by the Holomatrix, making it an effective anti-spying unit.

Civilopedia Entry

The Holomatrix combines orbital and holographic technologies to create something altogether more fantastical. As the name implies, the Holomatrix is a satellite capable of creating localized, planetary holograms. These holograms can range in size from highly-precise illusions to city-wide spectacles. Many colonies make use of the smaller illusions to sow disinformation, decreasing covert intrigue within a city. However, their most spectacular use is in cultural dominance, where the massive, city-wide holograms are known to draw visitors from all across the planet, increasing the colony’s Culture for all owned tiles.

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