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Holosuite (CivBE)
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 245 20xProductionBE
Maintenance 1 20xEnergyBE Energy
Requires 20xFiraxiteBE Firaxite near the city
Specialist slots 2 Artists
Effect +2 20xCultureBE Culture
+1 20xCultureBE from 20xFiraxiteBE Firaxite
Notes None

A Holosuite has similar effects to a Xeno Sanctuary.


In the last decades before the Seeding, holography was being heavily promoted by several Old Earth entertainment corporations, notably in the American Reclamation Corporation and Franco-Iberia, as the “wave of the cultural future.” Advances in “rainbow transmission” holography, specular holography and volumetric display had made the once-crude images of complex objects more realistic, and lowered the costs significantly. All production at that time could be classified as amplitude or phase modulation holograms, thin versus thick holograms, and transmission versus reflection holograms. The reconstitution and viewing of three-dimensional holograms requires elaborate equipment. To replicate the image with fidelity the reconstructing references beams must be identical to the original beams; dedicated rooms, popularly referred to as “holosuites,” were able to offer all-around spatial resolution, and proved superior to all other forms of projection. While holography has significance in fine art, data storage, education and scientific research, most holosuites are dedicated to entertainment and popular culture. Such “frivolity” was a luxury for colonial settlements during their first generations; in time, however, several private firms were able to produce new holographic texts and construct holosuite arcades. This was aided by the inadvertent discovery that firaxite has the ability to produce superior detail when used as a holographic projector lens … albeit, of lesser significance than its other properties. Soon, public for-profit holosuites were offering everything from virtual tours of Old Earth museums to interactive holo-novellas.

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