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Holy Roman Empire cities are cities that can be founded by the Holy Roman Empire, a civilization in Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword. The first city founded is the capital, and the names of future cities are chosen in the order they appear on the list below.

The names listed are default names; players can change their cities' names if they choose.

Founding Order City Name Notes
1 Aachen* Coronation site of Holy Roman Emperors for 600 years, key city, home of Charlemagne
2 Prague (Praha; Prag) Capital of Bohemia, one of the 7 Electors, co-capital of HRE
3 Vienna (Wien) Key trade city, co-capital in 14th through 17th centuries
4 Nuremberg* (Nürnberg) Key trade city, unofficial capital of the HRE
5 Augsburg* Key trade city, cultural and scientific centre, site of many Reichstage
6 Mainz* Religious capital of northern Europe, one of the 7 Electors of the emperor
7 Ulm* One of the largest and most powerful trade and cultural centres
8 Florence (Firenze; Florenz) Trading city, one of the "Glories of the Empire"
9 Pisa Key Mediterranean port, one of the "Glories of the Empire"
10 Luxemburg (Lëtzebuerg) Important fiefdom of the HRE, "Gibraltar of the North"
11 Strassburg* (Strasbourg; Straßburg) Important trade, cultural and science city in France
12 Lubeck* (Lübeck) Important Baltic Sea port, one of the "Glories of the Empire"
13 Brandenburg Capital of the Brandenburg, one of the 7 Electors of the emperor
14 Heidelberg* Capital of the Palantinate, one of the 7 Electors, educational centre
15 Trier* Important religious cultural and political centre, one of the 7 Electors
16 Regensburg* Key trade city, permanent seat of the Reichstag from the 17th c. onwards
17 Magdeburg* One of the most important cities in the empire, home of Otto I
18 Worms Major city of the HRE, site of about 100 Reichstage
19 Constance (Konstanz) Important religious, trade city near present-day German-Swiss border
20 Basle (Basel) Important commercial and religious city in present-day Switzerland
21 Zurich (Zürich) Important commercial city in present-day Switzerland
22 Salzburg Important HRE city in present-day Austria, leading religious centre
23 Innsbruck Important trans-alpine trade city and later imperial seat in Austria
24 Trent (Trento; Trient) Important industrial, religious, political centre in Italy
25 Genoa (Genova; Genua) Important Mediterranean port city in present-day Italy
26 Lucca Important trade city in present-day Italy
27 Sienna (Siena) Important trade city in present-day Italy
28 Arles Coronation site of some Holy Roman Emperors, capital of a kingdom of the same name
29 Besançon* (Besançon; Bisanz) Important HRE religious and political centre in France
30 Metz Important religious site and major commercial city in present-day France
31 Wirten (Verdun) Important political and religious site in present-day France
32 Brussels (Brussel/Bruxelles; Brüssel) Political centre of the HRE in present-day Belgium
33 Antwerp (Antwerpen) Important trade city on the western border of the HRE, Belgium
34 Luttich (Liège/Luik; Lüttich) Important trade and industrial city in present-day Belgium
35 Stettin (Szczecin) Capital of Pomerania, important Baltic Sea trade port in Poland
36 Kolberg (Kolobrzeg) Important Baltic Sea trade port in Poland
37 Breslau (Wroclaw) Important political, religious and trade city in present-day Poland
38 Olmutz (Olomouc; Olmütz) Capital and leading city of Moravia in day Czech Rep
39 Pilsen (Plzen) One of the largest and most important Bohemian cities, in Czech Rep
40 Bamberg Important political and religious site
41 Mannheim* Late capital of the Palantinate, cultural centre of the Renaissance
42 Goslar Rich and important silver mine and industrial city, residence of emperors
43 Spires (Speyer) Important trade and cultural city on the Rhine
44 Paderborn Birthplace of the HRE, important religious site, site of many Reichstage
45 Passau Important religious and political centre
46 Hagenau (Haguenau) Capital of Alsace, location of palace which held the Crown Jewels