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The Holy Site is a specialty District District in Civilization VI, dedicated to religious pursuits. It requires Astrology.

  • Effects:
    • Major bonus (+2 Faith Faith) for each adjacent Natural Wonder.
    • Standard bonus (+1 Faith Faith) for each adjacent Mountain tile.
    • Minor bonus (+½ Faith Faith) for each adjacent District District tile and each adjacent unimproved Woods tile.
    • +1 Great Prophet Great Prophet point per turn.
    • A religion can be founded in the Holy Site.
    • Religious units can be purchased in a city with a Holy Site, spawning in the Holy Site or if that's unavailable in the City Center (stacking limits permitting).
    • Religious units heal in a Holy Site district and in tiles adjacent to it.
    • Specialists add +2 Faith Faith each.
    • +1 Appeal to adjacent tiles

Buildings[edit | edit source]

The following buildings can be constructed in a Holy Site:

Projects[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Holy Site is one of the first District Districts available, along with the Campus. It is indispensable if you intend to found a Religion! The Holy Site is the only early game source of Great Prophet Great Prophet points (along with the Revelation Policy), which you need to earn a Great Prophet. Next, a Religion can only be Founded in a Holy Site! The alternative way to Found a Religion - building the Stonehenge Wonder - may not be viable in most cases, as it requires access to Stone and racing against other players to complete it.In addition Stonehenge still requires you to build Holy Sites to enable the other worship buildings and to purchase religious units therefore it is generally regarded as a very poor wonder best left for the AI.

But the Holy Site remains important throughout the game. First, it is a major source of Faith Faith; second, it is the place where you built the Special Religious buildings from Worship Beliefs; third, it is the place where you can Purchase your Religious Units. And it also provides bonuses during Theological combat for these units. And it also Heals them! All of this means that any player who considers using Religion in the game should build Holy Site Districts. In later eras, your Faith Faith will be important for purchasing Naturalists and Rock Bands, both important for Cultural Victory.

The best place for this District's Faith output depends on your proximity to Natural Wonders and what Pantheon you found, particularly the Dance of the Aurora, Desert Folklore, or Sacred Path. While it can be easy to sacrifice a single tile of a Natural Wonder for a Holy Site, proper placement with one of the Pantheons can net 6 Faith Faith! The next best place is between Mountains, or in the middle of Woods. In the late game you even have the option to Plant Woods with your Builders to provide additional bonuses to your Holy Sites. If you intend to use this, however, remember to leave some free space for the Woods.

Other Pantheons modify your Holy Site for other uses aside from faith generation. Divine Spark will aide in the race for a Great Prophet. God of Healing allows for your units to heal +30 when on or next to a Holy Site. And with River Goddess, Holy Sites next to a river provide +2 Amenities Amenities and +2 Housing Housing.

Remember, only one worship building can be built in one particular Holy Site, and you cannot change your choice once it is built even if there is a religious change of hands in the city afterwards, so make wise choices.

Civilopedia entry[edit | edit source]

In god-driven civilizations, it is not unknown for religious "districts" to evolve in some cities, where all the shrines, temples, monasteries, altars, churches huddle together. Often, these seem to spring up on a holy site, the place of some miracle, vision, or revelation. The holiest site in Islam, centered on the Kaaba, is one such. Jerusalem is an epicenter for holy sites. Then there's the Roman Catholic Vatican, a whole holy city built in the midst of Rome. And folk still make pilgrimages to such sites, such as the Hajj to Mecca or the Sikhs' daily prayer to visit the Golden Temple at Amritsar or the fervent wish to see the Temple Mount by the Chosen People.

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